While a car accident can be emotionally overwhelming, there are several important things you need to take care of right away. If you fail to perform certain actions following the collision, you may ruin your chances of getting the personal injury compensation you deserve or healing properly.

The following are the most common mistakes made after a car crash:

  • Saying you’re “okay” after the accident. Whatever you do, avoid saying “I’m fine” after an injury. Misjudging the severity of your injury is a common mistake people make following a collision. Underestimating your injuries can make it appear like you’re not really hurt and make rehabilitation more difficult.
  • Waiting too long to act. If you wait to obtain medical attention, you will not document the full extent of your injuries and put your health at an even greater risk. If you wait too long to begin investigating your crash, important pieces of evidence might have disappeared. If you wait too long to get legal help from a lawyer, they may not be willing to take your case.
  • Admitting fault. Do not say “I’m sorry” after an accident since it can be interpreted as an admission of fault. Never apologize for an accident that isn’t your fault.
  • Providing too much information to the insurance adjuster. Remember, insurance companies are looking out for their own best interests and will try to find any way to deny or reduce your claim. Do not give all the details of your accident and don’t talk about fault or about injuries. Just provide the basic information about the accident.
  • Accepting a quick settlement. A fast settlement is not considered a full settlement. Once you settle, there is no way you can reopen your case.

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Date: Thu, 06/01/2017 - 12:10

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