Many people hate driving in the dark, but is it more dangerous to drive at night than during the day? Studies by the National Safety Council show that although we typically only do about 25% of our driving time during the night hours, 50% of fatal traffic deaths happen at night. 

So, is driving at night more dangerous? It would appear so, but why?

Why Is Driving at Night More Dangerous?

Driving at night is more dangerous for various reasons. Reasons such as decreased visibility, drowsy drivers, and people driving under the influence of alcohol are all common factors. 

Decreased Visibility

Driving at night is difficult because you rely on street lights and headlights for your complete road visibility. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, night vision is almost entirely in black and white, and seeing colors at night is highly challenging. 

Seeing the yellow lines on the road proves to be difficult at night, and knowing exactly where you are on the road is challenging when you can’t properly see the lines. 

You’ll also be much more likely to crash into an inanimate object or a hazard that unexpectedly enters the road. For example, animals that run onto the road without warning are much more likely to cause an accident when the incident happens at night because you won’t see the hazard until it may be too late. 

Once you see the hazard, you don’t have as much time to react as you would have had the incident occurred during the day. 

Drowsy Drivers 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving crashes most commonly occur between the hours of 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. This statistic means that when driving at night, whether you’re drowsy or not, you are still more likely to come in contact with another driver who is. 

Drowsy driving can be dangerous because sleep deprivation primarily affects your brain and its ability to make quick and careful decisions. According to the Sleep Foundation, operating a car while drowsy is similar in danger level to driving while drunk or high. 

Drivers Who Are Driving Under the Influence

It’s no secret that people who drive while drunk or under the influence of drugs are reckless and dangerous. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, one person every 48 minutes is killed by a drunk driver. 

That statistic proves driving under the influence is a significant problem and causes more accidents than any other form of impairment. A 2017 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 32% of all single-vehicle crashes involving alcohol impairment happen at night. 

Since drunk driving is much more likely to occur at night than during the day, naturally, that makes driving at night a more dangerous choice. 

Tips for Staying Safe While Driving at Night

The question “is driving at night more dangerous” seems to have an overwhelmingly obvious answer: yes. What can you do to stay safe while driving at night?

Some tips for staying safe while driving during the night include driving the speed limit, staying alert at all times, keeping your vehicle in good shape, and always pulling over if you start to feel drowsy. 

Always Drive the Speed Limit

Following all road signs, including the speed limit, is one way to take precautions while driving at night. 

Although accidents can still happen, they are much less likely to occur if you’re moving at a slower pace. In addition to being less likely to occur, if something does happen, it probably won’t be severe. 

Keep Your Vehicle in Excellent Shape

It’s essential to always keep your vehicle in working condition to avoid any unnecessary accidents while driving at night. You should test your headlights, both should be working at all times, and you must rotate and change your tires whenever they become too worn. 

Also, keep your headlights and windshield clean and free of debris to give yourself the best visibility possible, even at night. 

Pull Over if You Begin To Feel Drowsy

If you start to feel drowsy while driving your vehicle at night, always pull over for a break. Even if you need to stop and find a nearby hotel to stop in for a brief nap, do whatever it takes to avoid driving while tired. 

Stop for a power nap, then grab a coffee or energy drink, and hit the road as soon as you feel more alert and awake enough to drive safely. 

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