Seated at the heart of the Gulf Coast of Florida is the city of Tampa. This city once housed the bravest military men back in the 19th century and the founding of Fort Brooke. Today, the city of Tampa is visited by people worldwide to enjoy great food, amusement parks, and year-round events, just to name a few. If you are looking to visit the historic city of Tampa, Florida, we listed some of the must-see places that will surely make you want to extend your stay in the city.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

If you want to go on an African adventure without traveling too far, the Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay is perfect. Spanning over 335 acres of land, this amusement park holds everything from animal habitats, fun rides, and live events. If you want to have a fun day with your family, you can check out the themed attractions that feature different rides, such as rollercoasters, swings, and a water area for playing.

When you get tired, you can also check out the animal habitats which feature different kinds of birds and African animals. Unlike a zoo, their animal care center also shows young kids how animals are cared for, what treatments they receive, and any procedures that need to be done to them. It truly is a beautiful place that is more of a home than a cage for the animals.

The Florida Aquarium

Located in downtown Tampa is The Florida Aquarium. The property spans 200,000 sq. ft. with over 14,000 animals composed of animals that can only be seen in Florida and some from all over the world. Begin your path to discovery with the Wetland Trails, which houses the mangrove forests and an aviary that allows for free-flying birds.

The next stop would be the aquarium which will genuinely take you underwater with their sea turtles, stingrays, and sharks, to name some of the most exciting creatures you’ll ever meet. Additionally, they also have a Journey to Madagascar, which will show you particular animals that are endemic to the island, like the hissing cockroaches and the ring-tailed lemur. These are just some of the attractions in the Florida Aquarium. Visit them for they can offer is a whole world that you are yet to see in just one place.

ZooTampa at Lowry Park

Another fantastic place to experience a roaring, fun time and an adventurous safari is the ZooTampa at Lowry Park. Home to wonderful exhibits and various animals, ZooTampa is one of the main attractions in Tampa. Not only does it provide an educational experience for young kids, it also has some fun rides and entertaining shows.

There is a show on birds of prey that is shown twice everyday at their theater. This show provides a lot of insight into birds of prey and how they can be protected. Aside from that, there are also fun rides like a Jungle Carousel, a rollercoaster and a train for the younger kids.

Even if you aren’t staying long in the area, you can drop by any of these places and have a good time with your family, especially if there are children with you. All places have updated their rules and regulations in their commitment to safety, so you and your family can have a good time without worrying about anything! There is a lot to see while you’re in Tampa, so don’t miss out on any of the fun opportunities that await.

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