Being the 11th most populated in the New Jersey state, Clifton is located along the Passaic River, in the middle of the cities of Paterson and Passaic. It was first a part of Passaic and the Acquackanok Tract but was voted by its people as a city in 1917. It is located in the most industrialized and advanced area and manufactures chemicals, paints, electricals, plastic products, and paper products like paperboards, making it a place where big factories are found.

Weather and climate

There is an average of 205 days of sunny weather in Clifton, like any other states and cities in the US. While others enjoy the cold days, people in Clifton find the most comfortable days in June, August, and September, where the temperature plays in the range of 75-80 degrees while July usually is the hottest month where the temperature rises to 85.4 degrees.

Places like Clifton usually have 5 to 6 months of snowy days where the month of February is usually the snowiest month in which the snow reaches 7.2 inches. Clifton snowy days reach up to 49 inches of thick snow per year. Having these kinds of weather and climate, Clifton is considered to be one of the most comfortable places to live or to be in the state of New Jersey.

Demographics and Population

Since the weather and climate are somewhat perfect in the city of Clifton, there are many people who like to live in and start their own family in this New Jersey city.

With a population of 86,207, the major population age or median is 37. Meaning many people in this city is either married or are in the planning of starting their own family.

Most of the people aging 37 and up in Clifton are married, getting the 49.8% of the whole population, but only 47.8% are still in matrimony, while 2.1% are now separated. But the remaining 50.2% are still in the single population, where 36% are never married, 8% are divorced and 6.2% are widowed.

The majority of the race in Clifton are white people, getting an average of 45.6%, followed by black people with 6.1%. It is a diverse and race-friendly place where there are also Asians and native American can live on peace.

Economy and Shops

Being a diverse suburban place in New Jersey, local and national shopping districts could be located in this city. Shops and restaurants catering to all kinds of people can be found in Clifton. From the simplest but yummiest hot dog restaurants like Rutt’s Hut, a classic 50’s-style diner called Tik Tock, malls, shopping centers, and many more to the headquarters of one of the leading companies in cybersecurity, the Comodo.

There are also low-rise buildings, that have tenants such as accounting and law firms that help different and all kinds of people. There are also firms that promote medical practices and home furnishings that retail all kinds of furniture.

Clifton is a very diverse and pleasant place where people can live. It promotes good and healthy living and has the best weather and places in New Jersey.

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