Many people enjoy knowing the history and past events that occurred in the place where they are interested in going or living. And it truly gives another experience and fun in relating to the scene and moments.

Clifton, New Jersey became a city in 1917, with the votes of its citizens and their desire to retract it from the Passaic County and the Acquackanock Tract. The Clifton city is geographically positioned between the Paterson and Passaic cities near the Passaic River. The name of this city comes from the mountain cliffs of Garrett near the borders of Montclair Heights. It was an agricultural place in the past and is the primary location of animals from farms, cattle, and zoos. This is to held the animals into quarantine so that the animals will not gain and be infected by diseases that could spread all over the US.

From farmlands and agricultural sites, the Clifton city in New Jersey was converted into an industrialized area with lots of business establishments, factories that create different products such as papers, steel, plastics, and textiles, making it a more advanced area for businesses to operate and grow.

Shopping centers, restaurants, and malls are also visible on the different sides and spots in the city. New low-rise buildings are allowing tenants for their businesses and firms like law, accounting, and medicine.

Schools from Pre-K to high school in Clifton city are also a good investment for your child’s future. From public to private schools, you can also find Catholic and non-sectarian schools that could cater to the needs of your children.

This is a sign that this place is truly a rising and developing place where people can find whatever they want and what they need.

Population Growth

The census taken in the year 2000 says that only 78, 672 people live in the city of Clifton with 30,244 households and almost 20,000 families. The racial profiles in the city are made up of 66.22% of white people, 2.89% of African Americans, and other races such as Native Americans, Asians, and many more.

After 10 years, there had been significant growth in the population in the city. The census that was made last 2010 states that the city now has a population of almost 85,000 people residing in it. With the major percentage of 69.63% of white people, 4.92% African Americans, and other major races like Asians and Native Americans, the population in the city became more diverse and varied.

Because of this growth, the household percentage and the economy of the city rose and developed, thus making it an improved and dynamic place to live in.

Clifton, New Jersey is a place conducive to you and your family’s needs and desires. It can cater to all that is needed in growing and taking care of your family. It is indeed a place of development and improvement, giving the citizens the life that they long to live for. Not only that it is safe and secured, but it also is a place of peace and love.

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