Clifton, New Jersey is a historic area and great place to explore. If you are right here spending your vacation or traveling for business, you can maximize your time by visiting some of the well-known tourist spots in the city. When exploring the place, there's no need for you to prepare a lot of things since you can easily access the tourist destinations with the tip of your fingers. Just dress nicely, use New Jersey's transportation system, bring small cash with you, and that's it. That's you can enjoy the rest of your days in New Jersey. In case you are wondering where to go, here are the top three famous places in Clifton.

Presby Iris Garden

Located at the heart of Essex County, New Jersey, Presby Iris Graden is established as a non-profit museum that specializes in showcasing iris flowers. It's a 6.5-acre garden with a Victorian house called the Walther House. Anyone can go to the house and buy their souvenirs from the Museum. The caretakers of the garden also reside on the property. A fun fact about the Presby Iris Garden is that it's not maintained by the money of taxpayers although it's owned by Essex Country. The garden receives donations and is taken care of by volunteers.

If you are someone who enjoys a trip to a garden full of Iris flowers, you will definitely have fun roaming around this Iris Garden.

Brighton Asylum

If you are looking for some thrilling adventure in New Jersey, try visiting Beighton Asylum even if it's not Halloween. This tourist attraction is famous for being a haunted house in New Jersey. Although it's popular during Halloween, tourists can still go to the place and enjoy the activities it has to offer. The Asylum has 2 haunted houses. It also hosts 4 escape rooms. So, just imagine the thrill when you go inside the asylum and at the same time challenge yourself by escaping the rooms meant for those who can solve the puzzle.

There are quite a lot of things to do in Brighton Asylum. Don't forget to bring your friends when you go there.

Lambert Castle

Finally, the Lambert Castle. The place was formerly known as Belle Vista and is located in Paterson, Passaic County in New Jersey. The castle has been in existence since 1982 and because of its significance in architecture, art, and industry, it's become part of the National Register of Historic Places. An interesting fact about the Lambert Castle is that it's owned by Catholina Lambert, an owner of a silk mill in New Jersey. It was inspired by the castles in Great Britain and due to its popularity, it's been used as a shooting location for films.


While you are in New Jersey, maximize your time by visiting tourist destinations that you won't discover anywhere else in the world. These top three spots will make your tourist experience an unforgettable one. By simply walking around the garden, discovering a haunted house in the city, and learning about a castle's history, you are already exploring most of New Jersey's history.

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