Woodbridge, New Jersey is located in the center of Middlesex County and shares borders with other towns such as Edison Township, East Brunswick Township, Old Bridge Township. Woodbridge was incorporated from portions of Piscataway (later renamed Metuchen) on November 11th, 1798. The township's land area totals 24.61 square miles, which includes a small portion that extends into Union County. Within its boundaries are many neighborhoods, including the Oak Ridge section in North Woodbridge to South End in central Woodridge to Suburban Park near the town’s eastern border with Iselin.


In terms of climate, the municipality is considered humid subtropical according to Koppen Classification, due partly because it has no dry season and no very hot or cold temperatures. Woodbridge is also considered to be a suburb of the New York metropolitan area, as it experiences colder winters than its surrounding suburbs because it's farther south and east with more maritime effects resulting in cooling by ocean breezes from Long Island Sound and less heating created by urban landscapes.

The average temperature in January is 27 F and 59 degrees Fahrenheit (minus-33 C) in July. Due to its location on the shoreline with many bodies of water, including Lake Carnegie and other smaller waterways, the weather in Woodbridge is very pleasant. The annual precipitation average is 43 inches, and the town typically receives over 90% of its yearly rainfall by November.


Census data show that over 50% of residents are White American followed by Black Americans (21%) which represents an increase from 15% since 1990 due to the influx of Haitian immigrants who mainly live in Edison Township and East Brunswick Township. Hispanic Americans make up 11%, Asian Americans account for 16%. Nearly 90% speak English at home, while 40-50% speak Spanish primarily within households where there’s someone fluent enough to speak it.

This is an interesting point because Woodbridge, New Jersey has numerous Black American residents and due to the influx of Haitian immigrants in recent years, there has been an increase in the population of Black Americans.

In sum, Woodbridge, New Jersey is a great place to live because it's diverse and offers many opportunities for children as well as adults which will help them grow into productive members of society.


According to the 2010 US Census, Woodbridge had a population of 51,387 residents while Edison Township (formerly Piscataway) had 47,017 which gives these municipalities combined an estimated total population of 98,404 residents and is ranked as one of the most populated towns in New Jersey. The median age is 33 years old, with 35% under 18 years old and 62% over 25 years old. In terms of educational attainment among adults, 25 or older in 2016 data shows that 57% have completed high school but only 15% have earned some college credits with 23% holding at least a bachelor's degree from either attaining their undergraduate degrees or graduate work towards said level. There are many language options including Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Filipino, and Haitian Creole.

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