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Learn more about Woodbridge

About Woodbridge, New Jersey

  • Elevation: 39’
  • Area: 23.2 mi2
  • Population: 71,009

Top sights of Woodbridge

  • Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park
  • Warinanco Park
  • SeaQuest Woodbridge.

What is Woodbridge known for?

Woodbridge is best known because it is a bedroom community to NYC. This means that it is a great area for people who work in the city to live. It allows people to work in NYC but still say in a smaller area.

Is Woodbridge a good place to live?

Woodbridge is considered a good place to live. It has many bars and restaurants as well as plenty of other entertainment and things to do. It also has good schools and is very close to NYC.

Is Woodbridge wealthy?

Woodbridge has an average household income of around $100,000. This makes Woodbridge a pretty wealthy area with a poverty rate of about 5%.

Is Woodbridge a bad area?

Woodbridge when compared to NJ has a higher crime rate then most cities in the state. It is not considered the safest area.