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About Brookhaven, New York

Brookhaven sits close to the end of long island. It is the third most populous town in NY. It unique location means that it has coast on two sides touching long island sound to the north and the Atlantic to the south.

  • Elevation: 79’
  • Area: 532 mi2
  • Population: 482,436

Top sights of Brookhaven

  • Fire Island National Seashore
  • The Long Island Museum
  • Smith Point County Park

Is Brookhaven NY safe?

Yes, Brookhaven is very safe. Brookhaven has been rated as one of the safest areas in the us. It has been rated in the 98th percentile of cities in terms of safety. 

Is Brookhaven NY nice?

Brookhaven is a beautiful town and a great place to grow up. The area has a high cost of living as well as great scenery.

What is Brookhaven NY?

Brookhaven NY is a town on long island and is the third most populace town in N.

What is Brookhaven known for?

Brookhaven is often known as a getaway for the people of NYC. Its spot near the end of long island makes it a very nice area for people to get away from the city.