Most people use social media to connect and update their friends and family on a daily basis. However, anyone involved in an accident trying to file a claim should be very cautious about what they are posting on social media. Consider these four reasons why you shouldn’t post about your personal injury case on social media.

1 - Insurance Adjusters Will Check Your Social Media Accounts

Never post about the details of your accident or any injuries. If you are filing a claim, you could be eligible for compensation related to your medical expenses as well as lost wages. It's critical to keep all of these details private to ensure you are compensated fairly.  

Insurance adjusters could check your social media accounts to see if there is any evidence that could contradict the injuries one claimed to have suffered. For instance, if you claim you suffered a back injury due to a car accident but then post about a rigorous workout, the insurance adjuster could use that against you.

2 - Social Media Can Be Used as Evidence

During a settlement negotiation or trial if the case goes to court, anything posted on social media can be used as evidence.  Do not post anything photos of the accident and your injuries. And, ask your friends and family to refrain from posting anything related to your case.

3 - Social Media Postings and Comments Are Public Record

Anything you post on the internet or others post about you is public record, including commenting about the case on news outlets or other sources. Postings on any social media outlet can be used as evidence and can be used against you. Private messages are not public record and cannot be accessed unless there is consent or a warrant that allows access to those messages.

4 - Check-Ins On Social Media Could Be Used Against You

“Check-ins” and location postings may seem innocent but because they allow others to see exactly where you are, they could be used to try to cast doubt on your claims. Avoid “check-in” posts on social media throughout the course of your injury case.

Tips For Social Media

Posting on social media can be very risky to a personal injury claim, so its best to stop using social media for the duration of your case. Suspend your accounts and do not accept any new friend requests. And, ask your friends and family to set their accounts to private and to never discuss your case on social media or in person with others.

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