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Attorney Eric J. Plantier concentrates his practice in the field of Personal Injury law. At the outset of his career, he began on the other side of a personal injury courtroom, focusing on personal injury protection litigation. He rapidly became the primary attorney for claims involving sever injuries, including maimings, paralysis, and death. He uses this experience along with his ability to quickly and correctly analyze matters in order to streamline cases and ensure clients are fairly compensated for the damages they have sustained.


Attorney Plantier’s education began at the University of Michigan, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biopsychology and Cognitive Studies in 2001. He then chose to continue his education at Seton Hall University School of Law, located in Newark, New Jersey. Upon completing his studies in 2004, he was admitted to the New Jersey Bar.


After completing his J.D., Attorney Plantier was admitted to the New Jersey Bar. He later received his license to practice law in the state of New York in 2008. Today, he is also permitted to practice before the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey as well.

Areas of Practice

Attorney Eric J. Plantier has dedicated his practice to the field of personal injury law, and helps clients who have suffered severe injuries due to the negligence of others. He has tried cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents to slip-and-fall accidents to construction and workplace accidents.


Attorney Plantier is a member of the Essex County Bar Association.

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