No one expects to find themselves in a car accident. The vast majority of the time, whether driving or riding as a passenger, you can arrive at your destination without accident or safety concerns. On the terrible day that a car accident does happen, victims may not know what to expect physically after a car accident.

The sheer impact of two vehicles or other objects colliding, even at low speeds, can cause untold damage to a car and the vehicle’s occupants. The force and impact can cause a driver or passengers’ body to be jolted or thrown around.  The effects of going through something as traumatic as a car accident can be both physical and emotional. 

So if you've been involved in a car accident recently, you might be experiencing soreness that refuses to go away. You may start to feel symptoms of injuries after the fact. In this blog post, we’ll cover what to expect physically after a car accident.

Common Injuries and Symptoms from a Car Accident

Those who are fortunate enough to walk away from a car accident can still experience bruises, scrapes – as well as a bit of relief. But sometimes, injuries are reluctant to show up until a few days or weeks after the crash, including injuries to your head, back, and mental health. 

Head & Brain Injuries

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries after a car accident, and one in which symptoms may be slow to appear. Whiplash occurs when your head is thrown violently in one direction, causing the tendons and muscles in your neck to become strained. 

Symptoms of whiplash include: 

  • Pain in neck and shoulders 
  • Headaches 
  • Blurred vision or dizziness 
  • Stiffness in neck muscles 
  • Difficulty focusing 
  • Memory problems 

Concussions are another common injury that can cause immediate discomfort or sneak in a little later after an accident. For example, the impact of your vehicle colliding with another object can cause your brain to hit the inside of your skull. 

The symptoms are not always visible, so it is vital to look for these signs especially in the first 12-24 hours following a car accident: 

  • Clumsy movements 
  • Inability to recall the past or memories
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Headaches 
  • Sluggish feelings, fatigue, confusion 
  • Moody behavior or change in personality 

Back Injuries

When a vehicle gets hit from the back or the side, it can cause damage to the spinal cord or soft tissue in the driver's back. Soft tissue damage is a leading injury in people involved in car accidents. 

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, you may be experiencing damage to your back: 

  • Pain or soreness 
  • Sharp pain in your back area 
  • Loss of balance 
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Increased headaches 

Emotional Injuries

It might not be the most obvious conclusion to draw but remember that while accidents can result in physical injuries, your mental state can also be affected. The shock of an accident can sometimes cause victims to experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), whether you were the one driving or not. 

If you're experiencing a form of PTSD, you may have these symptoms: 

  • Fear of being in a vehicle 
  • Vivid flashbacks of the accident 
  • Feelings of nervousness or discomfort about the thought of driving
  • Depression and anxiety 

Checking in on your emotional state after an accident is just as important as ensuring your physical health is well. And keep in mind that mental health can have a detrimental effect on physical health.

How Long Do Physical Symptoms Last? 

After an accident, it is normal to experience some soreness since your body has just gone through a jolt of unexpected movement or tension. However, if your feelings of soreness persist longer than a few weeks, you may have a more severe injury. 

The amount of time you might feel it can depend on the severity of the accident and your accident. For car crash victims with serious injury, recovery and rehabilitation could take months. But even for those with relatively minor injuries, the physical effects of a car accident may last for quite a while.

Injured More than You Initially Realized 

Car accidents can be stressful for everyone involved, especially if the accident was not your fault and you are left dealing with injuries both seen and unseen. If you're feeling sore after a car accident longer than expected, you may be experiencing an injury that needs medical attention. It's never too late to seek medical attention for a car accident injury.

Get Help with a Car Accident Claim

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