Approximately 80% of drivers in the United States believe that hands-free devices are safer than using a handheld one, according to a public opinion poll by the National Safety Council. But the evidence suggests otherwise.

Over 30 studies show hands-free devices are no safer than handheld as the brain remain distracted. The prevailing issue is that drivers who elect to use hands-free devices are still multitasking while operating their vehicles. It is important to understand that the brain doesn’t truly multitask.

While the brain is capable of switching between tasks, it cannot perform two tasks at the same time. According to several studies, the part of the brain that processes moving images decreases by up to one-third when talking, listening, and texting on a cellphone.

Distracted driving does the following three things:

  • Takes your hands off the steering wheel
  • Takes your eyes away from the road
  • Takes your mind away from the primary task of driving.

Thousands of people have died in car accidents involving cellphones – including those which are hands-free. Hands-free devices include earpieces, speakerphones, and dashboard systems.

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Date: Thu, 05/25/2017 - 12:10

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