Hazards in the road or flying debris from a truck or another vehicle crashing through your windshield are obviously quite dangerous. Many times debris flies off a truck and ends up on the road. Other times it can result in damaging other vehicles on the road, possibly causing injuries. A 20-pound unsecured object flying off of a moving vehicle or trailer traveling at 55 miles per hour has a g-force of 1,000 pounds on impact. If you have suffered injuries in an accident caused by debris from a truck, the driver, trucking company or another party may be liable for your damages.

Who is Responsible for Damages if Debris Fell Off a Truck and Hit My Car?

In most situations, one or more parties related to the truck from which an object flew from would be responsible for any personal injuries or damages to your vehicle if negligence can be proven. Liability in trucking accidents is one of the primary concerns when facing injuries and property damage from the large or commercial truck that destroys the car and leads to physical injury. Holding the correct party responsible for the damage is of the utmost importance to recover from the incident and acquire all necessary compensation.

Trucking accidents involve many individuals and at least one company or agency depending on what type of trucker drives the vehicle. For commercial trucks, the driver may hire on through a company that transfers and ships equipment or items, but he or she may also drive as an independent contractor without a connection to an agency. In these situations, the trucker may remain solely liable for the incident. Knowing which connection exists is vital for the victim in seeking compensation. A truck accident attorney may investigate the matter to determine who is at fault.

In the case of negligence, a person’s recklessness or disregard when tying down a load can lead to an accident or worse, another person’s death. Some accidents involve the cargo on the truck. If the loader did not fully inspect the cargo and secure it properly, the loader may become liable when the boxes or equipment falls off and damages another vehicle or causes injury. The driver of a large truck may hold liability in an accident for many reasons. He or she may break the law, have an operational issue within the truck or become distracted. 

How to Avoid Hitting Debris from a Truck

  • Leave more following distance than you think you should, especially during the winter, and whenever you are behind a dump truck, trash truck or similar motor vehicle.
  • Don’t stay behind a dump truck or similar motor vehicle, especially if you see its load is leaking.  You don’t have to pass, just slow down or move into another lane of travel.
  • If you are injured or your car is damaged, try to get the offender’s license plate.  

Brandon J. Broderick, Truck Accident Lawyer

Establishing liability after debris falls off a truck can be challenging. With a thorough investigation and gathering of evidence, a truck accident attorney like Brandon J Broderick, Attorney at Law, can discover the true responsible and at-fault party to hold accountable. If you’ve been a victim of a truck accident, we can help. Contact us or call us at 201-298-4373 for a free consultation.

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