No doubt that if you’ve been injured in an accident on the road, at work, while out shopping or at home, you may feel stressed and anxious about how you will recover from your injuries and your financial losses. When the accident occurred through no fault of your own, you may be considering or have decided to pursue an injury claim with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

It’s normal to feel nervous before the first meeting with a personal injury lawyer. For many people, this may be the first time ever meeting with a lawyer for any reason. Preparing for the meeting may help you feel less anxious about it. And, the more prepared you are for the meeting, the more your attorney can help you understand your options. In this blog post, we’ll review what information to gather and what to bring when you meet with your personal injury lawyer for the first time. 

Insurance Information

Bring any relevant insurance information to the first meeting. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s important to bring your insurance information along with any insurance information you may have collected from the other drivers. Similarly, if you’ve been injured at work, bring a copy of your employer’s policy or handbook to the meeting. 

Medical Records

Medical records serve as critical evidence of your injuries in a personal injury claim. You do not need to bring your entire medical history, just those records pertaining to your physical and emotional injuries stemming from the accident. Bring along copies of the explanation of benefits, bills and other other documentation stating your injuries and expected prognosis. After the meeting, your personal injury attorney may request additional records from your healthcare providers. 

Keep in mind that you should never sign an authorization form giving an insurance company access to your medical records without first reviewing with your attorney. It's not uncommon for insurance companies to comb through medical records to find reasons to deny or devalue your claim.

Paystubs and Other Receipts

Your personal injury claim will seek compensation for all of your losses, including any income you may have lost out on because you were recovering. Bring copies of your pay stub from time periods before the accident to establish what your income had been. If you incurred other expenses, from medical devices to transportation to-and-from medical appointments to property damage, bring any other receipts that may be relevant.

Police Report

Many states have laws that require a police report from any accident in which the damages were over a certain threshold. In New Jersey, for instance, that minimum is $500. You can request a copy of the police report from the municipality or state agency that responded to the accident. 

Witnesses, Photographs and Electronic Evidence

If you were able to capture contact information for witnesses to the accident, make sure to bring those details to the first meeting with your personal injury attorney. Additionally, if you took pictures of the scene or of your injuries, you should plan on making those available for your lawyer. Dash cams, cell phone location data and video can also be important evidence in your case.

Your Written Account

It may be helpful to write down the timeline of events that led up to the accident and what occurred in the aftermath. Your story may become more succinct and clear once you write it down and can visualize the full picture. It will also help you answer questions your attorney may have for you.

Brandon J. Broderick, Personal Injury Attorneys By Your Side

Many of our clients feel a sense of relief once they have that first meeting with us. At Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, our attorneys start every conversation with empathy and compassion. 

We understand how devastating injuries can be and pride ourselves on working alongside our clients, as partners in the process. To us, that means an experience free from legalese, hype, hassle, and intimidation. With us by your side, you can put the worries aside. 

Contact Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation. With our proven track record of success and our commitment to client care, we can turn your setback into a comeback.

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