With pedestrian accidents on the rise in New York City, it’s even more important for drivers to be aware of ways to drive safely through a city known for its walkability and high volume of  pedestrians. Pedestrian accidents can often be catastrophic, changing lives forever. Keeping pedestrians safe is essential. If you’re driving in NYC, The following tips will make you a pedestrian-safe driver.

1. Being Sober Behind the Wheel

This may be an obvious tip, but making sure you’re never under the influence of drugs or alcohol while behind the wheel does wonders for keeping pedestrians safe. Even the smallest amount of alcohol or drugs can impair your vision and ability to operate a vehicle safely.

You’re less likely to see pedestrians stepping into the crosswalk or road when you drive under the influence. Even if you do spot them, your reaction time is slower, and you may not be able to slow down fast enough.

2. Keeping Your Eyes Peeled for Pedestrians at All Times

While most people follow the rules and walk on the crosswalks in NYC, there are times when people are in a rush. Making sure you’re always watching for pedestrians when you’re driving can help keep them safe. 

Be alert during dusk and dawn for pedestrians who may be hard to see. Be aware of people who may cross the roads not within a crosswalk. Ensuring your eyes are not only on the road in front of you but being aware that pedestrians are around will keep them safe.

3. Following the Speed Limit

Speed limits are there for a reason. They keep you and other drivers on the road safe, but pedestrians too. Most heavily trafficked areas have lower speed limits to ensure that the injuries might not be life-threatening if someone were to be hit. Maintaining the speed limit in these areas will keep everyone safe and on their way to their destination.

4. Yielding to Pedestrian in Crosswalks

Whenever pedestrians are within crosswalks, you must yield the right of way to them. Be especially careful when making right hand turns. Even if pedestrians aren’t following the rules, its the driver’s responsibility to watch out for them and yield the right of way.

Some intersections can have seemingly endless waves of pedestrians crossing the road. Take a deep breath and try not to get impatient.

5. Look Before You Open a Car Door

Pedestrians can be walking close to parked cars or on the edge of a sidewalk. Always look before opening your door. This practice can also help prevent bicycle accidents.

New York City is a busy area with millions of drivers and pedestrians. Never driving under the influence, following the speed limit, and being mindful that pedestrians are everywhere are helpful in keeping pedestrians in NYC safe.

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