Automobile manufacturers are constantly coming up with new and improved ways to increase the safety of passengers in motor vehicles. No matter what kinds of new safety devices are placed on the market, there is one piece of equipment in your car that has been around for decades and remains the most effective at keeping drivers and passengers safe. Since 1984, seatbelts have been required in every passenger car produced in the country and nearly all states have laws that require drivers to use them.

Seatbelts Make a Life or Death Difference

Many states make the absence of a seatbelt a primary offense, meaning that if a police officer notices a driver or passenger not wearing a seatbelt, they can pull them over and ticket the driver. Regardless of the legality of seatbelt usage, wearing a seatbelt can make a life or death difference in case of an accident.

You should wear your seatbelt because:

  • Seatbelts reduce the number of serious injury and deaths by half
  • Air bags in combination with seat belts provide the highest protection for adult crash victims
  • They can prevent a passenger from being thrown from their vehicle or suffering injuries
  • Best defense a pregnant woman has in case of an accident

Seatbelts remain the number one safety device in cars, regardless of other developed technologies. This tried and true method, when employed correctly, is instrumental in preventing serious injury in a car accident. When you are riding in a car, do not take any chances. The advantages of buckling up severely outweighs any irritation they may cause. Not only that, but when filing a personal injury claim, not having a seatbelt on could render it impossible for you to obtain fair compensation.

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