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About North Hempstead, New York

Learn more about North Hempstead

  • Elevation: 102’
  • Area: 69.16 mi2
  • Population: 231,117

Top sights of North Hempstead

  • Old Westbury Gardens
  • Nassau County Museum of Art
  • Hempstead House.

Is North Hempstead nice?

North Hempstead is widely considered a great place to live. It is a suburban area near NYC but also has plenty of entertainment and restaurants.

Is North Hempstead safe?

North Hempstead is on the safer side of cities. It is considered to be in 89th percentile of safety.

What is North Hempstead known for?

North Hempstead is in the northern part of Nassau County. It is considered a bedroom community for NYC which means that people often work in the city and live in North Hepstead.

Is North Hempstead expensive?

North Hempstead is an expensive area to live in. It is on average more expensive then both the state of NY and the US on average with significantly higher housing costs.