North Hempstead, New York Destinations

North Hempstead, New York is a beautiful and Historic town on long island. It has many things to do for tourist's and people escaping the big city. In this article I will provide three of my top favorite locations and thing to do in North Hempstead.

History at Old Westbury Gardens

People who are in North Hempstead, New York frequently head to Old Westbury Gardens. It was constructed in 1906. This property was John Shaffer Phipps' estate. The prominent businessman was a part of the Phipps dynasty. Old Westbury Garden was transformed into a museum residence all the way back at the end of the fifties. People can visit it for in-depth tours between the months of April and October each year. There are quite a few things that make Old Westbury Gardens such a draw for the members of the general public. An abundance of movies have been filmed on the scenic property. Several examples of these are The Age of Innocence, North by Northwest, The Manchurian Candidate and Cruel Intentions. Numerous television programs have been filmed on the property, too. Examples are Royal Pains, Gossip Girl and, last but definitely not least, Pushing Daisies.

Visitors at Old Westbury Gardens can relish relaxing picnics under the sun. It isn't uncommon at all for guests to show up with both chairs and blankets.

Nassau County Museum of Art and Plentiful Unforgettable Art Pieces

Nassau County Museum of Art spans 145 picturesque acres. It's part of what used to be the famed Frick "Clayton" Estate. The primary museum structure features three levels and has a memorable Georgian flair to it. It showcases Gold Coast architectural elements that are related to the end of the 1800s. Fans of art in and near North Hempstead often head to Nassau County Museum of Art. It's a haven for all kinds of fascinating and memorable exhibitions. Visitors throughout the years have learned about diverse exhibition topics such as Marc Chagall, Napoleon Bonaparte, Andy Warhol, surrealism, Pablo Picasso, dancing, Jackson Pollock, European artwork, post-impressionism and even the Revolutionary War.

People who get to Nassau County Museum of Art do not have to worry about their vehicles. Parking is complimentary. The museum is closed for a handful of holidays each year. These are Christmas Day, Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

Hempstead House and Tudor Charms

Hempstead House is yet another well-known destination among North Hempstead folks. It's commonly referred to as Sands Point Preserve and Gould-Guggenheim Estate as well. The sizable estate was constructed for an individual by the name of Howard Gould initially. It ultimately was finished for a man called Daniel Guggenheim, however. Constructed ended on it back in 1912. This destination is a favorite among individuals who wish to take in the high-end splendor of the Gold Coast. It is in the company of a total of four distinctive Guggenheim Estate Mansions. The three other mansions are Mille Fleur, Falaise and Castle Gould.

Hempstead House is a castle that has a Tudor feel. It in the past was a summer home for a family. The members of the family put together massive events at the castle. They even set up exhibitions and performances that were associated with famous artists. Hunt & Hunt are the two respected architects who designed Hempstead House.

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