History of North Hempstead, New York

North Hempstead is the most populous and fastest-growing town in Nassau County, New York. With a reputation for its high-end shopping, it has some of the most well-known stores and restaurants on Long Island. Due to its close geography North Hempstead is also very walkable, with over 50 shops, eateries, and services all within a 10-minute walk of each other.

North Hempstead is a beautiful, safe place to live and raise a family, with its large homes and award-winning school district. The town is a significant destination for tourists who visit New York City because it's one of the most popular places in the state.

History of North Hempstead

North Hempstead, New York, is a town in Nassau County. It was initially part of the Dutch colony of New Netherland before it was claimed as English territory and became part of Connecticut. In 1664, the English government divided the state into two colonies, and North Hempstead became a part of the Province of New York.

Europeans first settled the town around 1643 when a small hamlet called "Nassau" was created. The area had previously been inhabited by Native Americans, most notably by members of the Matinecock tribe who still reside in areas near North Hempstead today. North Hempstead has long been associated with farming and agriculture because its terrain is mainly flat grasslands stretching from central Long Island to the western shoreline of Queens.

In 1683, William Poulett, 1st Baronet of Dunsmore and Dunsmore Manor in what is now New York State, purchased a large tract of land from the Matinecocks' tribe for the sum of three hogsheads of tobacco. The land was renamed "Dunsmore."

Population growth and More

The population of North Hempstead, NY, is 2.31 lakhs as of 2018. Out of the 2.31 lakhs, people who live in North Hempstead, New York, and are over the age of twenty-one years old, 77% are married or living with a partner. In 2013 North Hempstead had a median family income of $77,517.

North Hempstead's population has increased by two percent from 2010-2013. There were approximately 140,000 people in North Hempstead in 2010-2011 and 143,798 people in North Hempstead today. With the increase of population, there have been some changes to the makeup of the society as well. From its start, North Hempstead has been predominately white, but with more than 40 years of growth in the town, it shows signs of becoming diverse. The makeup of the population is 35% White, 35% African-American, 15% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 10% from two or more races.

When was North Hempstead founded?

One of the earliest villages in Long Island, North Hempstead, was first founded on September 2, 1784. It was largely rural until the 20th century when it quickly became a suburb of New York. It has been over 237 years since then!

Though the area now known as North Hempstead included parts of what are now Nassau and Queens counties back then. The town was officially granted township status in 1791 when it was incorporated from land originally part of Queens County.

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