Geography for The Town of North Hempstead in New York State

The Town of North Hempstead is a part of Nassau County in New York. It's in the northwestern section of the county. North Hempstead borders Westchester County, Bronx County and, finally, Queens County in New York. The last county is a borough that makes up New York, New York. Oyster Bay is to the east of North Hempstead. It's a town that is also within Nassau County. The Town of North Hempstead is a division of Long Island.

North Hempstead's total area is more than 69 square miles. Although most of this is dry land, it is partially water, too. More than 53 square miles is the former. More than 15 square miles is the latter as well.

There are no other Long Island towns that aren't equipped with designated hamlets or towns that have identical names. This is something that makes North Hempstead rather distinct there. Driving to New York City from North Hempstead actually doesn't usually take a lot of time at all. The drive typically lasts for a little more than half an hour in total.

The Town of North Hempstead Climate Matters

North Hempstead typically receives 172 days each year that have a lot of sun. The average for the United States in general, however, is higher at 205. The community generally receives 46 rainfall inches annually. The nation's average for rain is a bit less at 38 inches. North Hempstead typically receives 23 snow inches yearly. The average for the country is 28 inches.

People who visit North Hempstead in the middle of the summer in July may experience temperatures as high as 84 degrees. Visitors in January may experience temperatures as low as 26, too. The town generally receives a variety of precipitation 122 days annually. Hail, sleet, snow and rain are all things that fall under the precipitation category. If these things hit the ground at a level that's significant enough, they're officially called precipitation.

North Hempstead Population and Demographics

The 2000 United States census indicated that North Hempstead had 222,611 individuals in total. It had 58,460 families in total then. It had 76,820 households as well.

Exactly 33.6 percent of the households included kids who were not even 18 years in age. 64 percent of the households were made up of couples who were married. Typical households had sizes of less than three persons total. Typical families, on the other hand hand, had sizes of a little more than three persons.

There are all sorts of age groups in North Hempstead. 23.6 percent of the residents of the community were less than 18 years in age. People who were between 18 and 24 years-old represented 7.5 percent of North Hempstead. People who were between 25 and 44 made up 27.1 percent of the population. The percentages for the 25 year-old to 45 year-old and 65 plus categories were 25.1 and 16.6 respectively. The median age for the town was precisely 40.

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