According to a recently published article, there is an increase in the number of motorcycle accidents that occur in New Jersey during the spring season. Many experts believe that the following three factors are reasons behind why an increase in motorcycle crashes occurs:

  • Heavier traffic conditions
  • Drivers who fail to notice motorcyclists
  • Motorcyclists who speed

In addition, sources show that over two-thirds of the motorcycle accidents that do not involve other automobiles occur due to excessive speed while 40% of the motorcycle accident fatalities that occur during corners and turns. On the other hand, over two-thirds of the motorcycle accidents involving another automobile occur when the driver of the vehicle fails to see the motorcyclist. Statistics show that half of these types of accidents occur at intersections.

What Motorcyclists Can Do to Prevent Serious and Fatal Accidents

Most accidents that occur are completely avoidable. To help keep motorcyclists safe during the time of year when these types of crashes are on the rise, our New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers have listed some helpful tips, which can be found below:

  • Motorcyclists should wear protective gear to prevent serious injuries from occurring in the course of a crash.
  • Motorcyclists should pay close attention to road conditions since formations such as potholes can cause a motorcyclist to suffer serious injuries.
  • Motorcyclists should not assume that other drivers see them. Because motorcycles are small vehicles, motorcyclists must be sure to refrain from riding in the blind spots of larger passenger vehicles.

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