After you have been involved in an accident, the task of collecting as much evidence as possible begins. This is necessary to ensure that you are able to receive the fair and just compensation to aid your recovery and ensure you are not left with the bill. Part of the evidence-gathering process involves taking pictures at the scene. While it is recommended that accident survivors take as many photos as possible, from different angles, it is crucial to capture the details of particular elements involved.

The photos you take will be able to paint a more accurate picture of the situation at the time than words can. Memories fade, but any photos you take that day will last well after the details start fading from memory.

Below are some tips on how to take pictures after a motor vehicle accident:

  • You can use any camera: It is not necessary for you to always have a fancy camera at your disposal. This is about collecting evidence, so any camera will do, even the one on your smartphone. Just make sure that whatever you use has the capability to stamp the date and time the photos were taken.
  • Capture all the details: The more pictures you take, the better. Capture every detail you can and review your photos later. This moment is just about collecting evidence, so save the task of sorting through them for another time. Some of the vital pictures you should take include:
    • Damage done to your vehicle
    • Other cars involved in the accident
    • Skid marks on the road
    • Vehicle parts, shattered glass, or other debris on the road
    • The accident site in its entirety
    • Location and condition of traffic signs and signals
    • Weather conditions and overall environment
    • Visible injuries you, your passengers, and other parties sustained, if possible
  • Different distances and angles: Capturing different the same detail from a different angle or distance might seem superfluous, but it is actually quite helpful and illuminating to take pictures from at least three different angles and distances. You should also be aware of sunlight and other weather conditions that could affect your photograph. Consider adjusting the flash or taking multiple pictures, with and without the flash. Your pictures will only be helpful if they adequately capture the details.

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