Of the millions of reported burn injuries in the United States each year, a majority are caused by the negligent actions of another person or corporation. For burn injury victims and their families, life may never be the same. These injuries often require extensive hospitalizations, surgeries, and long-term care, which are some of the costliest medical expenses for a family. An attorney with experience in complex injuries can passionately pursue compensation through a burn injury lawsuit so the family and victim can focus on recovery.

Burn Injuries and Causes

Burn injuries are deep injuries to the skin. Second-degree burns are characterized by damage to the outer layer and the layer underneath and third-degree burns are those with damage to the deepest layer of skin and tissues underneath. Its also possible to suffer burns through inhalation, such as when breathing smoke or other toxic substances. Common causes of burn injuries include:

  • Traffic collisions
  • Work accidents
  • Clinical negligence
  • Medical negligence
  • Electrical burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Defective products
  • Recreational fires

The Financial Burden of a Burn Injury

After suffering a burn injury, victims and their families often struggle with medical bills and lost wages. Burn injuries may require many different types of treatment and require complex medical care. Victims of burn injuries may require extensive rehabilitation and care once returning home. That could mean medical care such as round-the-clock home health care aides, therapists, and hospital equipment made for a home setting. The medical costs immediately after the accident and the long term care required are taken into account when filing a burn injury lawsuit.

Beyond medical bills, accident victims who suffer burn injuries may not be able to return to work immediately or for some period of time into the future. Lost wages and future lost wages are also taken into account when filing a burn injury lawsuit. Because of the heavy financial burden of a burn injury, getting adequate compensation is crucial for the well-being of the victim and their family. 

Burn Injury Lawsuit: Non-Economic Damages

In a burn injury lawsuit, non-economic damages can be awarded to compensate the victim for pain and suffering as a result of sustaining the injury. Other examples of non-economic damages include emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life; and if the victim died, loss of companionship or consortium. 

The Benefits of a Lawyer for a Burn Injury Lawsuit

If the injury occurred because of the negligence of another party, getting adequate compensation is very challenging with an experienced attorney to file a personal injury lawsuit for the burn injuries. An attorney can represent the victim and the family will be able to facilitate the evidence to support your lawsuit. For instance, you may need medical experts to evaluate the extent of the injuries or an economic expert to evaluate future lost wages and a medical evaluation pertaining to the extent of the victim’s impairments. An experienced burn injury lawyer, like Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, will use many types of evidence to fight for the maximum compensation you deserve. 

Brandon J. Broderick Can Help You Recover Compensation

We understand the trauma that you and your family may be going through. We also know the importance of your case and its outcome. In addition to the passion and client-care we bring to every case, we will interact with insurance companies on your behalf as well as compile and review witness statements, medical reports, and other health care provider information to show the extent of your injuries.

With our long track record of success, you can count on Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, to work tirelessly for your case. We’ve helped people just like you move forward after sustaining a serious injury that was caused by another’s negligence. Contact us now at 201-379-2502 for a free consultation.

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