There are plenty of dangers out on the road today. From road hazards to other drivers, you have to navigate the unpredictable when you take a drive anywhere these days. The roads you drive on are sometimes more treacherous than you realize. With that in mind, it is good to know that tire pressure can alleviate some problems. 

With all the unpredictability, you should reduce the probability of accidents by taking one variable off the table and ensuring that you practice proper tire maintenance. By maintaining your tires, you are preventing the opportunity for the underinflation of tires to cause a car accident.

Potential Problems with Underinflated Tires

On the highways, cars travel at an alarming rate. The results of an impact at high speeds are catastrophic. And the ​​National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports a correlation between bad tires and car accidents. They claim tire issues cause roughly 11,000 car accidents each year. 

That is why tire pressure accuracy is so important. You should always ensure that you have the proper pounds per square inch, or PSI, in the tires to get the longest and most efficient use out of them. 

The manufacturer's recommendation for your vehicle will sometimes be different than the tire's, so it's a good idea to check the inside of the driver's door to see what your PSI should be. 

Tires Are the Foundation of the Drive

Underinflated tires present a greater probability of tire failure. This probability, in turn, creates the potential for the cause of the car accident to be the tire. The tires are the foundation that your car is driving upon. They must be stable and properly inflated to ensure the ride's safety and integrity. Underinflated tires are a hazard because:

  • There is a greater likelihood of tire failure
  • Underinflation is one of the leading causes of car accidents
  • Reduced handling and agility 
  • Underinflation causes the need for longer stopping distances

In the summer, hot road temperatures and the rate of travel on highways lead to an increased rate of failure, so it is imperative to perform maintenance on your tires at least once a month. 

Properly Inflated Tires

When tires have proper inflation, the PSI will perfectly support the car and be at the optimum levels for performance. There is a reason engineers figure out the appropriate tire pressure for each vehicle. You can find the specifics on the inside panel of the driver's door. 

Proper inflation of tires will also:

  • Promote better fuel economy (average increase is 3.3%)
  • Reduce stress on the tire and wheel components
  • Decrease the required stopping distance
  • Increase traction and agility for better handling

It pays to ensure your car is riding on adequately inflated tires. Tire pressure will significantly improve the longevity of the tires and the vehicle overall just by completing this straightforward task and checking routinely.

Tire Maintenance Prevents Car Accidents

The proper inflation of tires will lead to better vehicle life and decreased overall wear and tear. There is a checklist of things that you can do for your tires to extend their life and performance. It includes:

  • Fill tires to the car manufacturer's specifications, even when they're different from the tire company's recommendations.
  • Carry a tire pressure gauge in your car and check monthly.
  • Regularly check the level of tread.
  • Be aware of tire recalls.
  • TPMS alerts should always be taken seriously and checked ASAP.
  • Look for the tread wear indicators that are standard on most tires. Replace them if the indicators are easily visible.

The Penny Test

Take a penny and place it so that the back of President Lincoln's head is on the tread of your tire in between the ridges. If you can see Lincoln's head, your tires are less than 2/32 of an inch and need replacement. Inadequate tread causing tires to fail compounds problems from underinflation. Checking tire tread is easy to ensure that you have the traction to be safe in your vehicle.

Just In Case

If you still have tire worries, then you may want to invest in a couple of technology devices to have on hand for those unpredictable moments in life. When some catastrophic failure occurs, you can be ready to handle it with ease. 

Portable air compressors can help you fill a tire regardless of location. Just make sure you check its charge level every so often. Additionally, you can get roadside assistance. Having a roadside plan means you will never truly be alone on the road. There will always be someone a phone call away. 

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

In the event you find yourself injured in a car accident, consult with an experienced car accident attorney, like Brandon J. Broderick. Our firm can give you advice as to where to seek help after a car accident, as well as help you build a compelling claim to damages. Our compassionate attorneys understand that these injuries can be just as devastating as physical ones. 

If you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident, you deserve to fully recover for any physical, emotional, and mental injuries you suffered. At Brandon J. Broderick, with our proven track record of success and our commitment to client care, we can get you the justice you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation

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