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About Elizabeth, New Jersey

Elizabeth is new Jerseys Fourth most populace city. Founded in 1664 the town gets its name from queen Elizabeth. The city was previously named one of Americas 50 greenest cities.   

  • Elevation: 16’
  • Area: 13.66 mi2
  • Population: 128,333

Top sights of Elizabeth

  • Liberty Hall Museum
  • Boxwood Hall State Historic Site
  • Warinanco Park

Is Elizabeth safe?

Elizabeth has a very high crime rate with some places ranking it in the to 10 most dangerous cities. Some place put the crime rate at 694 crimes for every 100,000 residents.

What is Elizabeth New Jersey know for?

Elizabeth is a historic city known for its rich past. Some of the most important battles in the American revolution were fought in Elizabeth. It was founded in 1664 and was actually the first capital city of New Jersey.  

What is the crime rate in Elizabeth?

Elisabeth has one of the highest crime rates in the US with almost 37 crimes per 1,000 residents.

How far is Elizabeth NJ from NYC?

Elizabeth is just over 11 miles from New York city and it would take about 30 minutes to drive between the two.

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