October and November are the most common months for an accident involving a deer. New Jersey and New York drivers have a medium risk and likelihood for a deer collision, with odds of 1 in 171 and 1 in 133, respectively. Pennsylvania has the third-highest number of deer-vehicle collisions in the United States. Hitting a deer or swerving to avoid a collision with wildlife on the road can be dangerous.

Recent collisions illustrate the dangers of crashes involving wildlife. The majority of injuries are caused by a driver’s attempt to avoid a deer. A driver swerving to avoid colliding with a deer is the leading cause of injuries, as motorists are likely to crash into another vehicle, a tree, or any other fixed or moving object. Additionally, the majority of deer-vehicle accidents also involve property damage. 

Tips for you to avoid a deer-vehicle collision:

Wear your seatbelt.

Slow down and drive carefully on roadways with a deer crossing sign.

Try not to swerve off the road: maintain control over the vehicle and try to stay on the road.

Be extremely vigilant at dusk and dawn, when deer are eating.

If you spotted one deer crossing the road or standing by the road, stay vigilant because there could be more of them. Deer tend to travel in herds, especially during the mating season.

Use and flick your high-beam lights. If a deer is staring at your vehicle and won’t move, do not expect it to run away. Deer can be blinded by an automobile’s headlights, which is why it takes some time for their eyes to adjust before they can continue to walk and finish crossing the road.

Brandon J Broderick, Accident Attorney

Liability in a deer accident can be challenging but there are situations where someone else’s negligence may have caused the accident. If you’ve been injured in a deer accident, contact us to discuss your options. One of our trusted team members will listen to your story, learn about your case, and can advise you next steps. Many of our clients feel a sense of relief once they make that first phone call.

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Date: Tue, 10/27/2020 - 15:39

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