Hamilton Township in Mercer County, New Jersey is one of the safest places to live where residents can enjoy the convenience of modern living in a quiet and rural atmosphere. It has a total area of 40.387 square miles (104.602 km2) that covers 97.78% land and 2.22% water. The township is situated within the New York Metropolitan area bordering the Greater Philadelphia area. It is the only township in New Jersey that provides supplementary routes to Interstate 95 through Interstates 195 and 295. Families, young professionals, and retirees choose to relocate to Hamilton Township because of its prime location, friendly communities, and endless possibilities for outdoor recreation.

Population and Neighborhood

The township has a total population of 89,206 as of the 2021 United States Census estimates. Mercerville is the most populated neighborhood in Hamilton Township where you can find several historical markers such as the Isaac Watson House and John Abbott II House both built in the early 1700s. Hamilton Square is the second most populous and was the original site of the historic colonial village of the early settlers in the area. White Horse is the third most populous and is known for the 10-foot tall statue that commemorates the hite Horse Tradition’ of George Washington. Residents and tourists of Hamilton Township will not only have the opportunity to visit the historical architecture in the area but can also hold their special events in some of the historic buildings as well. The renowned Kuser Mansion, Grafton House, and Sayen House will make an amazing venue for corporate events, weddings, and other special celebrations.


The racial composition of Hamilton Township is 65.1% white, 14.9% Hispanic, 13.3% African American, 4.8% Asian, 0.1% Native American, 0.1% Pacific Islander, and 1.7% other races. It has an average household income of $78,177 and an average individual income of $37,963. Living in this township will allow you to enjoy a good sense of community with its friendly locals who genuinely care about the town and its people. There is also a plethora of events and activities that can be enjoyed all year round. Hamilton Township is home to the celebrated Azalea Festival that allows tourists to walk in a picturesque landscape surrounded by over 250,000 flowers. The town also holds a plethora of annual festivals including the Independence Day Concert and Firework Display, Oktoberfest, Fall Harvest Festival, and Winter Wonderland.


Hamilton Township is characterized by its warm to hot summers and cold winters. Its most comfortable months are September, June, and May when daily temperatures range between 70 to 85 degrees. The temperature reaches its average high of over 85 degrees during the month of July. Compared to the national average of 28 inches of snow per year, Hamilton Township only has an average of 19 inches with the lowest temperature that averages to 22 degrees. New Jersey is nicknamed he Garden State’ and Hamilton Township is a great place to live where you can enjoy lush green scenery and a plethora of outdoor recreation opportunities for the entire family.

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