The city of Atlantic City was built on the Absecon Island which is Geographically located in South New Jersey, between Delaware and Atlantic Ocean. The history of this land is dated about 1620 and it is said that the initial purpose of settlement here was to harvest timber.

New Jersey: After a century there were 8-10 families living in the area of the present Atlantic City who used this land for farming and fishing.

The city was founded in 1854 when a businessman, John Hickson, built the Absecon Lighthouse and persuaded people to move here and use its port on the Atlantic Ocean for trading purposes. For some time it looked like a quiet place with unpaved streets and a small number of houses, but after a railroad was built in 1854 it became much more attractive for business and many people came here to establish casinos, hotels and other attractions.

"Miss America Pageant" started the promotion of Atlantic City as a center for tourism; it is now an international show with Miss United States and Miss Universe titles.

Population Growth in New Jersey

Population growth in New Jersey as a whole was slow until the 20th century because it had to serve as a place for immigrants to go and start their own life. But in 1854, when railroads were opened there, increase of population started and by 1910 New Jersey became one of the biggest states in US with about 85% of its area covered with towns.

Atlantic City History of Security City

Atlantic City was a quiet place until the beginning of Prohibition when many gangs settled here because of an opportunity to produce and sell illegal alcohol. Atlantic City soon became a place where gangsters reigned.

The first casino in Atlantic City opened its door in 1930, but it closed after few years due to financial difficulties caused by Great Depression. It was reopened in 1978, again with a financial help from local government.

Atlantic City Gaming and Entertainment History

In 1933 Atlantic City was approved by the government as an official gambling zone and it started to develop very quickly because of this status. By 1941 there were 12 thousand people living here and about 100 thousand visitors each year. In two decades population crashed up to 27 thousand people because of lack of jobs, but during the World War II it again started to grow.

People are attracted by variety of options in Atlantic City, especially by gaming industry which is second largest in New Jersey. Modern casinos work 24/7 and can be found in almost every hotel in Atlantic City. Eighty percent of visitors comes here just for gambling purposes. There are also many other entertainments. There are two horse tracks, one located in Brigantine and other right in Atlantic City where you could find not only regular races but also jai alai games. Other popular attractions are boardwalk, aquarium, racetracks for cars and horses, Broadway shows and great number of shops which sell everything from cheap souvenirs to clothing and jewelry of the most expensive brands.

Atlantic City is also known for its great number of street musicians playing everything from jazz to rock n' roll music on every corner of the city. "Boardwalk Empire" was one of the movies shot in Atlantic City, featuring popular actors like Steve Buscemi and Michael Pitt.


It seems that Atlantic City is a true entertainment spot of the East Coast and it will continue to grow as events like Miss America Pageant and legalization of gambling attract more and more visitors.

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