Lakewood is a bustling community that is found in Central New Jersey. The city has become the top destination for a lot of good reasons as well. It is considered to be a bedroom community of New York City. Because of it geographical proximity to NY People can live in Lakewood and then drive in to New York City. That gives the residents ample access to jobs and other work options in the general area. The bedroom community model has worked and Lakewood is booming as a result too. The recent growth of the city can be attributed to that factor. But many other factors can help people live in the city.

Founding of Lakewood

The city was founded back in 1892, when it was incorporated. Activity by white colonists has been traced back to the 1750s though. The area saw a lot of military action during the Revolutionary War period. The war brought much attention to New Jersey and the state played a pivotal role. Shipping and the Industrial Revolution also livened up the area to trade. The region became important for shipping and the town was created as a result of that fact. Lakewood has grown rapidly because of its proximity to New York City. Other local towns were annexed in to Lakewood around 1929. That vastly expanded the influence of the town for the local community.

Guests to Lakewood

Major hotels were once a source of great income for Lakewood. The Laurel Hotel opened in 1880, but later closed down by about 1930. The Lakewood Hotel opened in 1891 and similarly shut down a few decades later. Famous guests have arrived in Lakewood to tour the general area as well. President Grover Cleveland once vacationed in Lakewood during the 1890's. Mark Twain also vacationed in Lakewood, citing the natural beauty of the region. He was a great fan of Lakewood and wrote about his vacation time on site. That created international fame for the town.

Demographics of Lakewood

The demographics of Lakewood tell a fascinating story for the people. The population of Lakewood is counted at 106,300 as of 2019. The Jewish population represents about 59% of the people in the town. That is the highest proportion of Jewish people in a U.S. city today. The Jewish communities have seen a large scale revival and growth in terms of population. Double digit population growth has ensued ever since that influx of Jewish peoples. The proximity of New York City and its jobs has driven much growth. Local people want to find work in the area too.

Many great transportation options abound for the local citizens. The Lakewood Bus Transit system will transport people around the general area too. The New Jersey Turnpike will help the locals find new transport options. The bedroom community has a lot of people who work in New York City. They cross bridges and tunnels to get to their place of work. That has spurred on a new way of life for the people. New Jersey hopes to provide some transportation options and help the citizens find new work.

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