The history of Trenton, New Jersey is unique. Trenton is the capital of New Jersey. This article will explore the history of Trenton, population growth of the capital, and what’s the capital is known for.


The word of Trenton comes from the name of William Trent. William Trent’s early life is very little known. Trent was a trader and merchant whom had immigrated to the American colonies. He came with his brother, James. This occurred in 1963. When Trent came with James, he ended up settling down in the state of Philadelphia where he became a merchant trader. The trading that Trent did was in furs and goods. Though his exporting of tobacco, furs, and flours and importing, he became a wealthy man in Philadelphia. Through his political life, he became appointed to the Pennsylvania Provincial Council. At the time, he was acting adviser to the governor. He was also appointed to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. After being elected, he was made Speaker of the Speaker for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. By the 1719’s, Trent created a town around his home in central New Jersey. It was here where the town became known as Trent’s Town. Later on, it became Trenton. It leads to Trenton becoming the capital of New Jersey.

Did you know that, due to its geography, Trenton was the site for many battles of the War for Independence? One battle happened in Trenton where George Washington was crossing the Delaware River. In this battle, Washington won a needed victory against the Redcoats. The victory was helped by John Honeyman. Honeyman was a spy for the Americans. Some time after the War for Independence, Trenton was known to be the capital of the new United States of America. By 1790, Trenton became New Jersey’s capital. Two years later, the state legislature decided to make Trenton a city.


When the Trenton became the capital of New Jersey in 1790, the population was 1,946. It was this number because of the relatively small size of the city at the time. Over time, it steadily increases. By the 1810’s, the population was at 3,000.

During the 19th century, Trenton experienced an upward population growth. In 1870, the population was 22, 874 people. This continued throughout the 19th century. In 1880, the population was 29,910. By the end of the 1890’s the population tripled in its growth. It went up to 57,458 people.


Trenton is home to Joe Frazier’s Boxing Gym. The gym is owned by Joe Frazier. Frazier is a boxer. This is the gym that he trained at while preparing for a fight against Muhamad Ali. The fight occurred in 1971.

After Frazier retired in 1975, he brought the gym. The gym was open to the public. At the gym, he trained many boxers. It was also used for helping the local inner city youth to take up boxing as a way to stay out of trouble and do live a more productive life.

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