No one expects to need a personal injury lawyer. But when the unexpected happens and you find yourself injured due to someone else’s recklessness or negligence, you have good cause to find and hire an exceptional personal injury lawyer. Good personal injury attorneys have the experience, track record and skills to secure financial compensation for your losses – oftentimes, far more than going it on your own. 

5 Steps: How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

1. Seek Referrals and Analyze Reviews

Ask friends, relatives and colleagues about any experiences they’ve had with personal injury lawyers. Many personal injury attorneys post client reviews on their websites or can be found when searching online for personal injury lawyers. Positive reviews indicate clients satisfaction, and this will help you narrow down to a small list of lawyers you may want to contact. 

When searching online for a personal injury attorney, try adding the state or city you live in to get a detailed idea of attorneys in your area. Lawyers are licensed by the state, so a personal injury lawyer in California may not be able to take your case in New Jersey. Keep in mind that many personal injury lawyers will travel locally to meet you, if needed, and have multiple locations.

2. Request a Free Consultation

Narrow down your list to a few firms to reach out to. Most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations to discuss the specifics of your case. These consultations will give you a sense of what kind of case the lawyer thinks you may have. Many injury cases are complex and may involve multiple liable parties. A good personal injury lawyer may be able to offer an idea of how complex the case is, avenues to pursue a claim and advise on how a settlement could work.

The consultation is also your opportunity to evaluate if the attorney is the right fit. Ask questions about the personal injury lawyer’s experience in cases like yours, their track record of success and the resources available for your case. 

5 steps to hire a personal injury lawyer - read reviews and referrals - get a free consultation - evaluate options - understand the fees - sign an agreement.

3. Evaluate Your Options

An accident lawyer with years of experience is likely familiar with all kinds of injury cases. However, to back up the years of practice, a good injury lawyer should have a strong record of success in those injury cases.

Before considering a lawyer’s service for your injury case, pay attention to these critical indicators of experience and success.

  • A lengthy period in handling personal injury cases. 
  • An accident lawyer has a broad network that includes other case-related professionals like medical professionals and expert witnesses.  
  • Trial experience.
  • Proven history of maximum settlements against insurance companies.

Choose a lawyer who will navigate the complex challenges of proving your case and seeing you through the tricks of insurance companies. An experienced and successful personal injury lawyer will maximize your possibilities of fair compensation.

4. Understand the Legal Fees

Whether they’re in New Jersey, Connecticut or New York, most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee arrangement. That is, you do not have to pay any legal fees unless your lawyer settles your case (or takes it to trial) and recovers financial compensation on your behalf. Once a settlement or verdict is reached, your attorney’s fees will be paid directly from the settlement. 

Typically, personal injury lawyer fees are a certain percentage of the settlement – that is agreed upon before you hire the lawyer. In many states, like New Jersey and New York, that percentage is set by law – ⅓ of the first $500,000 awarded in the settlement. No matter where you are, a good personal injury lawyer will thoroughly review legal fees and ensure you understand your options before proceeding.  

5. Sign a Fee Agreement and Contract

Once you have made a decision, your attorney will ask to sign a fee agreement in which they agree to represent you, and you agree to abide by certain terms. Make sure to thoroughly read the agreement before signing it. Once you’ve made the decision and officially come on board as a client, you may feel a palpable sense of relief! A good personal injury attorney will take over all communications with insurance companies and at-fault parties.

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