Football players have notably received a lot of attention lately for the impact repeated concussions have had on their health, ending careers and lives prematurely. However, only 20% of traumatic brain injuries are caused by sports, while car accidents are responsible for about 28% of them. This should not be a surprise given the millions of motor vehicle accidents that occur every year on roadways across the country. That said, oftentimes, car crash survivors do not know they have suffered a concussion following an accident since symptoms are not always immediately apparent. This is why it is crucial to always visit a doctor as soon as possible after a car accident.

There are some symptoms you should be aware of that can potentially appear after the accident, which indicate a concussion, including dizziness and confusion.

Three Grades of Concussions:

  • Grade 1: You did not lose consciousness, but might have temporary amnesia for less than 30 minutes.

  • Grade 2: You suffered a loss of consciousness and amnesia from half an hour to 24 hours.

  • Grade 3: You suffered a loss of consciousness that lasted longer than 5 minutes or experienced amnesia for more than a day.

Generally, car accident victims are able to make a full recovery, though this is not always the case. Make sure you seek medical attention to help prevent any permanent damage and to ensure you receive the proper treatment in a timely manner.

Concussion Symptoms After an Accident

Some of the most common signs that indicate the car accident you were involved in gave you a concussion include:

  • Loss of consciousness is one of the most obvious signs of a concussion. This can occur from hitting your head on the windshield or another object. Even if you were only out for just a few seconds, this is an indication that your brain suffered trauma.

  • Nausea, sensitivity to light, nausea, and vomiting are also indications of a concussion, even if you did not lose consciousness.

  • Car accident victims who sustain concussions sometimes experience confusion or amnesia and might not realize until days later that they cannot recall things or are confused about the date.

  • Seeing stars or experiencing ringing in the ears also tend to follow a blow to the head, indicating mild trauma.

Additionally, mood changes, sleep disturbances, persistent headaches, and even seizures are also signs of a concussion.

New Jersey Car Accident Attorneys

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