St. Patrick's Day, which falls on March 17th, is a holiday well-known for drinking. You might be one of the many who intends to partake in a pub crawl and enjoy a few adult beverages. However, you should plan accordingly, because you most definitely do not want to drive home after.

Almost one-third of all fatal car accidents in the US are caused by drunk drivers. On St. Patrick's Day, roughly 80% of drivers who are detained have blood alcohol levels that are double the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

With that said, we have compiled a list of tips that can assist you in driving safely on St. Patrick's Day. We suggest you read ahead so you avoid a DUI charge or even worse.

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Stay Sober or Choose a Designated Driver

On St. Patrick's Day, staying sober and not drinking is the most obvious method to drive home safely. A sober pub crawl could be a lot of fun if you don't mind transporting your inebriated buddies from one bar to the next.

However, you should have someone else drive if you plan to consume alcohol. Other options are to take a taxi or use a ride-sharing service to travel to your next location if a designated driver is not available.

When two or more individuals share the expense, utilizing a cab or services like Uber or Lyft is relatively inexpensive. Yet on a busy pub night like St. Patrick's Day, it could be challenging to find a cab fast.

Another option that may be both convenient and reasonably priced is public transit. Simply maintain a reasonable level of sobriety and keep an eye out for individuals who may prey on those who have consumed large amounts of alcohol.

Plan Ahead

Whether you're going to a pub crawl or have other St. Patrick's Day plans, it's helpful to establish a plan for how you're going to get where you need to go by car. Making the best decisions for getting to and from your locations could keep you and your passengers safe.

Determine what streets will be crowded before you go out. You might have alternative routes that would allow you to avoid excessive traffic, intoxicated drivers, and the police instead of using congested roadways.

You may decide to visit one or more locations that are well-known and host unique festivities for the Irish holiday. If so, you should have a strategy for where to park and how to enter and exit quickly. Safety is increased by parking in well-lit places.

Make Sure To Eat and Hydrate

St. Patrick's Day festivities can be more demanding than you might think. Your energy levels and ability to concentrate while driving may be affected by the excitement of hanging out with friends and meeting new people in crowded bars.

Also, if you do consume alcohol during the evening, being dehydrated and not eating will greatly impact how fast you may become inebriated. Before heading out, you should have a healthy meal and drink non-alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated. Water and juice can go a long way.

Certain locations might provide shepherd's pie or other regional Irish dishes to tourists. If there is food available, you should order some as well. You may use the money you save by abstaining from alcohol to buy delicious meals that will keep you satisfied throughout the St. Patrick's Day party.

Watch Your Drinks

The existence of evil people in this world is a terrible reality. A crowded and well-liked drinking event like St. Patrick's Day can tempt someone to slip a substance in a beverage. So, it's important to protect your drinks.

If you are with a group, at least one person should always keep an eye on the beverages. Take your drink with you if you're going to be moving around.

You should keep your drink visible, whether you are carrying it, have it on the bar, or are seated at a table. The best defense against someone slipping drugs into your drink and maybe robbing you after you stumble out of the bar is to do just that.

Dram Shop Law May Be Related in Accidents Involving DUI

Even if you are completely sober and following all driving regulations, another driver could not be. If a drunk driver hits your car, other people could be held responsible.

The dram shop law forbids serving alcohol to anyone who is visibly drunk in most states. Also, it is never permitted to serve someone who is not of legal drinking age.

The owners and managers of an event or bar may be liable for damages if another driver was clearly intoxicated at a bar or another establishment that sells alcohol. The owner of that property may also be responsible for damages if the driver went to a private party where alcohol was given.

The Dram Shop Act makes owners and servers liable if they permit someone to drink too much.

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