Atlantic City lies in a magnificent location on the Atlantic Ocean between marshlands and islands. The city’s prime location has led to its rapid economic growth in the early part of the 20th century. Since then, Historic Atlantic City has become a real estate hotspot and ultimate tourist destination for all. Tens of thousands of tourists per year flock to this riveting resort city to enjoy a slice of world-class fun and entertainment. If you’re looking to have the most amazing travel experience while in Atlantic City, then here are three (3) of the best things that you can do to make the most of what this city has to offer.

Visit the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is a place you should not miss when you’re in Atlantic City. It is an ultimate go-to destination for world-class entertainment, casual or fine dining, shopping, wellness, and so much more. Since its rebranding in 2018, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has been delivering rock star service packed with over 2,000 slot machines as well as facilities and amenities that are considered as one of the best in the world. Staying at Hard Rock Hotel will allow you easy access to their multiple treatment rooms, full-service salon, and spa. If you’re looking for a place to dine in the city, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is the place to be. It is where you can enjoy a variety of cuisines whether for casual or formal dining. With its live music entertainment available 24/7, you will always feel that classic rock roll vibe and enjoy the ultimate rock music experience.

Stroll at Atlantic City Boardwalk

It is only in Atlantic City where you will find the first and longest boardwalk in the world. The world-renowned Atlantic City Boardwalk is conveniently located right outside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and it is packed with a plethora of opportunities for enjoyment. If seeing the boardwalk for the first time makes you think that it somehow looks familiar, then it is most likely that you've seen it before. This gem of a place is a popular setting for multiple movies and TV shows including "Boardwalk Empire." Stroll at the Atlantic City Boardwalk and revel in the amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean

Steel Pier

While strolling at the Atlantic City Boardwalk, drop by Steel Pier which is located within the boardwalk. Steel Pier is one of the most exciting offerings that Atlantic City has to offer. It started as a theater in 1898 'until it was transformed into an amusement park in 1993. Kids will definitely enjoy the amusement offerings in Steel Pier. They have carousels and Ferris wheels for younger children as well as trains, planes, automobiles, and thrilling rides for adult visitors. Steel Pier is an amazing addition to Atlantic City Boardwalk because it is a great place for the whole family to enjoy. With its multiple rides and attractions, there is always something in Steel Pier for everybody from all shapes and sizes.

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