Construction is essential for our ever-growing urban lives. While safety measures and technology have developed in the last few centuries, the hazards of working on a large construction site are still very real. In fact, construction workers and laborers experience some of the highest rates of on-the-job injuries in the country. 

Let’s look at the top construction site hazards that are most harmful to construction workers.


Falling is the number one cause of death for workers on a construction site. Every year, falling accounts for over one-third of all deaths in the construction industry. A fall on an active construction site can result in serious injuries or fatalities. 

The misuse of safety equipment, lack of safety standards on scaffolding and ladder systems, and carelessness all play a role in falling accidents. 

By installing guardrails on scaffolding, training, and equipping workers with proper safety gear, you lessen the chances of a deadly fall. 

Accidents happen no matter what, but you can prevent falls with the proper safety measures. 

Struck-By Accidents

Construction sites handle massive machinery and a lot of moving parts. These “struck-by” incidents are too common between cranes, bulldozers, and other work-related vehicles. Workers are also struck by falling equipment or objects from heights and other accidental equipment malfunctions. 

A construction site’s chaos and loud noises make it difficult for someone to pay attention to their surroundings. The danger only increases when someone who isn’t normally on the worksite comes around and is not acquainted with the space. 

There are a lot of moving parts involved with construction. People don’t always account for one another or anticipate where others are moving. The lack of attention or awareness of surroundings is when accidents happen. 

Hazardous Materials

In recent years, we pay more attention to what we put into the materials we use to build our homes and other workspaces to minimize toxic airborne chemicals or particles. 

However, we can’t say the same for old buildings that are filled with asbestos, mold, or other chemicals that sit in the walls for too long. 

The inhalation and contact with these sorts of materials, gases, or chemicals make up another type of injury and harm that construction workers experience. 

It is crucial for companies to provide papers listing any potentially harmful substances and adequate protection for workers. 


Working with electricity is always dangerous. Construction workers are often exposed to new lines of electricity, broken power lines, and even faulty wires within a building. Electrical-based construction accidents are all too common.

Ensuring that the proper distance between workers and the potential electrical hazard, as well as equipping them with grounded tools, rubber boots, and gloves, helps minimize the dangers of working with electricity. 

Slips and Falls

Accidental slips and falls make up most worker-related injuries across different professions. A fall is still possible no matter what type of construction site someone is in. The potential to slip or fall is even higher in a construction zone where cords, uneven ground, hoses, and slippery substances are common. 

Proper work boots and paying attention to objects in high-traffic areas can help minimize injuries. Cover all holes and gaps and install proper signage to warn workers of the surrounding dangers. 

Adhering to safety guidelines, paying close attention to the surroundings, and any hazard warnings will help workers avoid serious injuries. 

High Noise Levels 

The amount of sound created by many of the machines on a construction site is enough to cause serious hearing loss over time. The noise is so high in decibels that it can cause damage after a short period of exposure if you aren’t wearing the proper protection. 

If proper hearing protection isn’t provided, many workers can experience irreversible hearing loss and damage to their eardrums. Standard, quality ear protection should be provided for all workers to ensure their hearing isn’t compromised. 

Caught In-Between

Moving heavy material and moving gears are an everyday occurrence for workers, but sadly being caught between a heavy object and the ground/wall is a leading cause of harm for workers. 

Clothing is also a risk for being sucked into machines or caught in the wrong way, dragging the person to a more significant injury. These are unfortunate circumstances. Ensure there is thorough training for those who operate these machines to make sure they are working safely. 

Accidents happen and are not completely avoided no matter how much training you have. There are ways to make construction hazards minimal and stay safe while on the construction site. Knowing what dangers could pop up during a regular workday helps people stay prepared and cautious.

Help for Your Construction Injury Claim

Construction sites can be hazardous and chaotic. If you’ve been injured on the job at a construction site, you may have options to file a workers compensation claim and/or a personal injury claim against negligent parties. Contact an attorney who can help you understand your options.

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