When it comes to commercial truck crashes and car accidents, there are some significant differences that can impact your damage claim. For one, trucking companies will do whatever they can to give their legal team an advantage over a claimant.

These companies can afford a team of lawyers who have access to legal resources that are not available to the average person. In this blog, we talk about the key differences between commercial truck crashes and car accidents.

Accident Causes

The majority of collisions can be linked to a driver’s negligence or incompetence. From drinking and driving to texting while driving, people who choose to drive while they are distracted frequently cause serious accidents on the road. In addition to distracted driving, commercial truck accidents are also commonly caused by driver exhaustion and improperly secured cargo.

Accident Damage

The damage that is inflicted in a commercial truck accident is often significantly greater than the damage caused by a collision with a smaller car. Considering the weight and size differences, truck accidents have the potential to cause greater injuries than car accidents. Commercial truck accidents also have a higher fatality rate. Aside from the differences in physical damage, the compensation amounts sought in commercial truck accident cases are much greater than the average car accident.

Accident Liability

Perhaps the most substantial difference between the two types of accidents is that car accident claims are usually filed against a single individual, while commercial truck accident claims are often filed against multiple parties. The truck driver, parent company, management, and maintenance crew, can all be held liable for a commercial truck accident.

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