Growing up in Atlantic City made me realize that this relatively small town is home to many interesting facts, mostly in terms of geography and its people. Not to mention, the city is also like an all-in-one spot for both locals and tourists. With its long line of beaches, casino hotels, and the ever famous Atlantic City Boardwalk, there’s no question as to why one would want to visit and stay here.

To give you a clearer view of my home community, I prepared some of the most significant things about Atlantic City’s geography, climate condition, and demographics that you’d be glad to know.


Atlantic City is a mid-sized town located in Atlantic County in New Jersey. It has an approximate area coming up to 44.59km2, consisting of around 70% land and 30% water. This is actually the primary reason why it’s deemed as a resort city. Surrounding the city are its neighboring towns, including Philadelphia, which is 56 miles away, and Newark, New York, and Jersey, all 96 miles away.

To put it more precisely, Atlantic City can be found along Absecon Island, which is a 10-mile long sandy strait in New Jersey’s mainland.

Monopoly comes with a good representation of Atlantic City’s geography because the said game actually used the town as inspiration for street names. Spots like the boardwalk can also be envisioned on the board throughout the gameplay.


Like any other city around the United States, Atlantic City comes in four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

For spring, expect a mild climate, the majority being in an average of 5 to 15 and 5 to 7 days of rain under regular weather conditions. Summer in Atlantic City is usually warm and humid, which makes it a little uncomfortable for those that aren’t used to heat. Expect a range of 19 to 27 throughout the season. Occasional rain is also guaranteed. Fall can get a little unpredictable, which can be humid, windy, and rainy all at the same time. Atlantic City’s winter is both cold and wet. Snowfall comes to an average of 13.1 inches throughout the season.


Atlantic City is a very diverse city. According to the latest reports from 2021, about 35% of its residents are Black, 29% are White, 16% are Asian, and 14% fall under other races. The remaining portions are either bi or multiracial or Native Americans.

For the total population, it comes up to more or less than 38,041 people, which makes the city the 23rd largest in New Jersey in terms of the current aspect.


Overall, Atlantic City is a 44.59km2 haven for nature and relaxation-loving people. With a balanced range of environment-friendly and entertainment spots, it’s evident that this will be perfect for all ages. Me being a kid, teen, and adult in the city can vouch for this.

Of course, Atlantic City is not just a collection of facts and statistics. It’s a whole community with people who are living their best lives, along with some of the city’s best spots and culinary offers. This is definitely one of the things that I truly care about, and I will continue to do so through legal specialties.

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