Elizabeth City is the administrative center of Union County and the greenest of all the cities in the state of New Jersey. Packed in its 13.66 square miles (35.37 km2) total area is the plethora of ball fields, golf courses, skating rinks, parks, and trails that make it unnecessary for residents to plan for an out-of-town trip or weekend getaway. It is also an ideal home for those who earn their living from the bigger cities but would like to enjoy the comfort and affordability of a quaint city. This is because Elizabeth City is conveniently located at a driving distance to New York City, Atlantic City, and even Newark Liberty International Airport. Residents living in Elizabeth are able to enjoy the best of both worlds. With its geographical location, Elizabeth is not only a great place to visit but also one of the best cities that you should consider when looking for a new home for your family.

Population and Neighborhood

Elizabeth is the state’s fourth most populous city with 130,450 inhabitants as of the 2021 U.S. Census. Compared to the bigger cities in its surrounding areas, Elizabeth has a lower population density which makes it possible for locals to enjoy lower housing costs and cheaper daily living expenses. Residents and visitors in this charming city also enjoy better air quality in a relaxing environment. Elizabeth has a 24.2% rate of homeownership which means that the majority of the inhabitants are renters who prefer the convenience and efficiency that they enjoy in this city. Renters choose Elizabeth because it is where they can live, conveniently travel to work, and enjoy recreational activities during the weekend all in the same area. With sports amenities and the beautiful nature outside their doorstep, both homeowners and renters can easily fulfill their recreational needs inside the city while earning a living at the same time. Achieving a happy and sustainable lifestyle is possible in this city that offers a plethora of neighborhood options that fits anyone's lifestyle and budget. The neighborhood of Elizabeth includes Bayway, Elizabethport, Elmora Hills, Frog Hollow, Keighry Head, North End, Peterstown, The Point, Quality Hill, and Westminster.


The racial composition of Elizabeth is 41.53% white, 19.51% African American, 1.89% Asian, 0.50% Native American, and 33.24% other races. It has a median average income of $30,826 and an average family size of 3.61. With 75.47% of the population speaking other languages, locals and visitors are sure to enjoy a diverse community of people in one city. Those who were born in Elizabeth or have recently decided to call the city their new home have enjoyed the place and have preferred to stay. It is evident in its population which is composed of 39.74% who were born and raised in the state of New Jersey.


The climate of Elizabeth is characterized as warm and temperate. Summers are hot and humid, especially in July when the average temperature is at 26 . Winters are cool to cold with January as its coldest month when temperatures drop at an average of 1 . Living in Elizabeth will allow you to enjoy the warm summers in Florida and the cold winters of New York all in the same city.

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