Jersey City is the place where I grew up it is a city located in the state of New Jersey in the United States, specifically in Hudson County. This city was founded 388 years ago within the Metropolitan Region of New York. Lots of people from different regions come to Jersey City for work.

In Jersey City there are many activities to entertain you, from Harbor Lights night cruises, Circle Line which is a cruise along the Statue of Liberty, cruises to the harbor and all the important places in New York, you can purchase a City Pass with which you have tickets to the 6 most important attractions in New York, or you can opt for the New York Pass, which offers more than 100 all-inclusive attractions, being able to visit everything you want from 1 to 10 days, where among other activities you can go to the Empire State Building, the Edge at Hudson Yards and other places that will surprise you.

Geographic Data of Jersey City

The area of the city is 54.6 km ², of which about 38.31 km ² are dry land and the other 16.33 km ² are covered with water, my city is bounded on the north by the city of Secaucus, on the east by the famous Hudson River, by North Bergen, by Union City and Hoboken, on the west by Hackensack, Kearny and Newark and on the south by Bayonne.

The city is located 9 meters above sea level, and its geographical coordinates are 4042′ 41″ North Latitude and 743′ 53″ West Longitude.

Since 1998 most of Ellis Island is included in the city, because of the proximity and easy rapid transit access to Manhattan, the city is known as the sixth borough of New York City.

Jersey City's Climate

Warm, muggy summers and mild to cold winters are the main characteristic of Jersey City's climate.

Added to the Köppen systems for climate classification, the city has a humid subtropical climate, which is assigned the abbreviation CFA when referring to this type of climate on climate maps, indicating that this city is in a hardiness zone 7a on the west side, and in a hardness zone 7b on the east side.

Population and Demographics Of Jersey City

Jersey City is the second with the second-largest population in the State of New Jersey with 250 thousand inhabitants, and at the level of the United States ranks 75th among the most populous cities, the population density is 6,463.67 habitants / km ², has more than 109 thousand homes with a density of 2,840.20 homes / km ².

The average income of each household in the city is $37,862, the average income of each family is $41,639. The average income by gender is $35,119 for men and $30,494 for women, and the relationship between the Gross Domestic Product of the city and its number of inhabitants is $19,410.

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