The Geography of Trenton is a fascinating subject for many people. The Founding Fathers were well known for surveying the land around the region. That location became famous during the Revolutionary War and since that date. The battles fought around Trenton made it famous because of the hilly terrain as well.

Geography of Trenton:

The capital of New Jersey is set on about 8.5 square miles of area. Of that space, 7.8 square miles of it is land area. The other 0.6 is water area, since it is a port side city. The city is situated alongside the Delaware River, which allows it to conduct port trades. Several bridges connect the city to a town in Pennsylvania. Trenton is a metropolitan city and spans several counties in the state. It is one of seven state capitals to be found in the Piedmont Plateau.

Trenton is just one of two state capitals to border another state. Carson City, NV is the other state capital which is on the border. It is the legal and economic leader of the North New Jersey region. It is sometimes included in the Tri State metro area. That joins Trenton with places like New York City for statistical reasons. The city has seen large growth, spurred on by the advent of many new government jobs as well.

Climate Of Trenton:

The climate of the area is classified as a humid subtropical region. It receives a moderate amount of rain during the year. Snow fall can occur, but does not happen as frequently as other places. Trenton is a popular city of nature lovers as well. The green space around the city has been well preserved. That allows the natural beauty of the city to spring forth as well. February is the driest month of the year for Trenton. But it can also be the coldest month for the city.

Demographics of Trenton:

The city currently has a population of around 83,000 people. That represents a continuing decline for the city over the years. It reached a peak of about 126,000 people back in the year of 1960. But the past few decades have seen a steady decline in urban population. That is a common trend for the urban cities of the Northern States. The decline is owing to the changing economy of the region. Machine work and industry have been on the decline for a while now. Trenton is shifting the economic focus to the government of the state. That makes it a prime destination for anyone interested in law or government work.

Trenton is certainly a colorful city and one on the rise as well. The metro area remains a large powerhouse in the state. The economy is robust and could go up in the future. Expect the fortune of the city to change in the future. It continues to dominate the state in terms of passing laws. Legal offices and government workers can be found in the city. Access to city amenities is also available to the local citizens.

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