The city of Elizabeth was a bonafide city before America was even recognized as its own independent country. As a result, there is a lot of history here to explore, but the city continues to grow and improve as well due to its unique geography and close proximity to New York City.


Elizabeth was originally founded and named Elizabethtown, after George Carteret's wife - Elizabeth. This city was bought from the Leni Lenape tribe of Native Americans that inhabited the area in 1664. It was settled between the Passaic and Raritan Rivers.

Because of its proximity to Manhattan and Staten Island, Elizabeth was constantly under attack by British forces during the Revolutionary War.

Several years after America won her independence from England, New Jersey became a state; and in 1855 Elizabeth became the first capital of New Jersey.

In addition to being the first capital, Elizabeth was also the first home to the College of New Jersey. You might know it today as Princeton University. Elizabeth is also responsible for the state's first automobile assembly line, ice cream soda, and even the invention of the Singer sewing machine. At one point in history, Elizabeth was home to Alexander Hamilton.


Modern-day Elizabeth is the fourth most populous city in New Jersey. Currently, a little over 128,300 people live in this city. Elizabeth boasts a healthy mix of demographics. According to the most recent census, 37% of families have children under the age of 18. The largest percentage of the population are adults ages 45-64. They make up about 23% of the city's population. Many programs have been launched recently to help revitalize some portions on the city. In an effort to improve children's lives in the city, 80% of the playgrounds have been updated with added amenities such as fields and courts for different sports.

An important part of Elizabeth's growth is how conveniently located it is. Elizabeth is close to several main highways that connect individuals to all different portions of the state as well as easy access to New York City. The New Jersey Turnpike and Interstate 95 are two popular routes for city dwellers as well as Routes 1 and 9.


The city schools of Elizabeth have been undergoing some changes in the recent past to help make the best school experience for your children. In 2019, Terence C. Reilly School No. 7 was recognized as an Exemplary High Performing School by the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program. Only nine other schools in the state were met with this award. In 2019 and 2020, New Jersey was ranked first for education out of all fifty states.

The city of Elizabeth has deep roots in America's history. Even before thoughts of the Revolutionary War, Elizabeth was alive and well. This city played a major role in America's fight for independence and is still bustling today. Anyone can find things in Elizabeth to suit their fancy. There is plenty of history to appreciate, several festivals and events held throughout the year, lots of parks and recreational buildings, and even plenty of shopping.

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