I have grown up and spent most of my life here in Newark. I love the air, the unique geography, and the large city filled with friendly faces filled with the individuals that make this place my home. Giving back to the community is an integral part in my job and core values because it ties to the history of this city that I hold dear. Newark is filled with stories about our culture and this city's past. Knowing the history as well as other trademarks of the city is a requirement for all Newarkians, old or new.


Newark was founded in 1666 by Connecticut Puritans. This city is often called the City of Churches. Robert Treat led the creation of this town after leaving the New Haven Colony. Robert Treat and his followers fled New Haven to protect their inalienable right to vote. Thus leading to the creation of the third settlement in New Jersey, they wanted to create a community adhering to church rules. The Puritans purchased the land from a group of Native American by trading guns, axes, lead and an assortment of other goods at the time which today would total around $750 to buy.


It wasn't until the 1800's Newark's population that Newark achieved city status. The first wave of immigrants came in the 1800s following the Industrial revolution seeking work to provide for their families. With that in mind you can understand why hard work is an essential trait for my city. These immigrants and several other minority groups came in the later decades of the 1800s to pursue work. The late 1800's and even following World War I we see the largest boom in the city. Following World War I, Newark hits their peak in population. During this time Newark was one of the major industrial hubs in the nation. This boom lasts for close to two decades and into the mid 20th century, Newark starts to decline. The housing in Newark was overrun and many settlements were not habitable. That is why many individuals left until the government stepped in. The city has had a stable population since then and has seen many renowned individuals come and go. However, Newark has contributed many accolades to this nation and will continue to do so.


  • Newark was named after the New Ark of the Covenant, which was then shortened into Newark.
  • The New Community Corporation, one of the largest and most successful community development corporations in the nation, was founded in Newark in 1968.
  • The HBO series The Sopranos filmed many of the scenes in Newark.
  • Newark is the third oldest city in the nation.
  • Branch Brook Park in Newark is home to the U.S.'s largest flowering cherry blossom trees. There are currently around 4,300.
  • Thomas Edison created the Ticker Tape machine.
  • It is told that Clinton Road is New Jersey's most haunted thoroughfare. Complete with mysterious lights, ghostly children, a phantom pickup truck, devil worshipers and wild animals supposedly escaped from a safari theme park which closed down almost 50 years ago.

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