Ewing of Mercer County New Jersey

Ewing, New Jersey is a township. This beautiful geography and landscape is known as Ewing Township. What does a township stand for? It means that Ewing is a division of Mercer County with its own governing body. Presently, Ewing Township is served by a dedicated Mercer County, County Executive, Brian M. Hughes, a Mayor, Bert H. Steinmann, and five Council representatives.

Our 15.60 square miles of township is located in the center of Mercer County with a population of over 36,000 residents and growing. Its Mayor-Councilpersons design of government means that Ewing is dedicated to keep innovation and technology a part of its Township to help meet the challenges of the future generations.

Ewing remains a vital community in Mercer County and is integral part of Central New Jersey for progress, opportunities, and growth. Ewing Township has advanced from its agrarian roots to its present-day economic landscape for its varied neighborhoods, residents, and memorable places.


Ewing Township was incorporated in the early part of the 19th century. The people who lived on the land that became Ewing Township were American Indians known as the Lenni Lenape tribe who had settled throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Canada.

During the latter part of the 1600's, British colonists began to colonize the area. The colonists farmed the land and called it “Carleton.” Ewing Township was officially established in 1834. The Township received its name in 1834 to honor the Honorable Charles J. Ewing.

Judge Charles Ewing loved the state of New Jersey and served on many committees and board that encouraged the growth of Mercer County and the state’s growth. His last position was that of Chief Justice of the New Jersey State Supreme Court. Upon his death, he received the accolade of having his name given to the tract of land now known as Ewing Township.

Ewing Township Today

Today, my beloved Ewing Township of Mercer County boasts of being the home to national and international medical institutions and many business centers. The New Jersey State Department of Transportation hosts a building complex in Ewing Township. Also, the Naval Air Warfare Center that develops defense weapons is located here.

Ewing is a growing township with the economy of the Township being strongly grounded in a progressive government, manufacturing, and education. Ewing Township is easily located with road, rail, and air transportation to Philadelphia and New York. Ewing remains a viable business center.

Ewing Township Landscape

Like the Mercer County area, Ewing Township features beautiful clean parks filled with amenities for families. There are many hiking, biking, and walking trails. The well-maintained parklands are located on 631 acres within the Ewing Township.

Out of these acreages there are about 355 acres of family-friendly parks, open recreational fields, natural forestry land, and productive farmlands. Beautiful Ewing Township also features 80 acres of state protected land and parks located along the banks of the Delaware and Raritan Canal. In total, Ewing Township hosts 13 parks within the town’s park system. Six of those parks are purposefully planned for recreational programs and township entertainment activities.

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