An accident can happen in a matter of seconds, inflicting serious injuries and property damage. While the event itself is quick, the pain and trouble of dealing with the aftermath will take much more time. With a skilled attorney on your side, however, the process of your personal injury claim can go much smoother. Additionally, it would help to know how to deal with insurance adjusters during this time since you will likely end up having to deal with them at some point.

Below are some tips on how you can speak to an insurance adjuster during the claims process:

  • Understand who the adjuster is working for: Remember, the insurance adjuster is not your friend and he or she is certainly not on your side, regardless of how friendly he or she might seem. The goal of the insurance company is to see to it that you receive little or no compensation at all, so keep that in mind as you speak to the insurance adjuster and be sure to never let your guard down. If your claim is significant, the adjuster will even attempt to dissuade you from involving an attorney. Without representation, you will be much more vulnerable to their tactics and likely fall prey to a low settlement offer, so whatever you do, hire an attorney!
  • What you say might hurt you: Even the most seemingly innocuous statement can come back to haunt your case and derail your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve. One of the first things an adjuster will ask you is to provide a recorded statement. You should absolutely refuse to do this! You are not required to provide a recorded statement and, if you do go through with this, the adjuster will take every opportunity to put words in your mouth and ask loaded questions that will inevitably harm your claim. Always avoiding giving a statement, especially if you are taking medication for your injuries, which could affect your state of mind and how you choose to answer any questions.
  • Beware of negative comments: Adjusters often try to imply that a claim might be of little value, suggesting that there might be problems with your case. Remember, these subtle digs are meant to reduce your expectations. If you believe your case has no value, then you will be more prone to accepting a low settlement offer. Do not fall for these tricks.
  • Avoid the settlement traps: An insurance adjuster can set a number of settlement traps, depending on your case. Some of the most common ones involve encouraging a quick settlement, pressuring an injured victim to accept a settlement, and a pre-diagnosis settlement. The issue with settling too quickly or settling before you are able to obtain a diagnosis for your injuries is that it is impossible to know the value of your claim until you understand your condition, the expected length of your recovery time, the treatments you might need, and the possibility that you might not achieve a full recovery.

Getting the Tools for Talking to Insurance Companies in New Jersey

If you suffered injuries in an accident caused by another party’s negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation. At Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, our New Jersey team of personal injury attorneys is dedicated to providing experienced legal advice and skilled representation to ensure you are able to recover damages during this difficult time.

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