Construction accidents can have devastating effects on workers and their families. These accidents can lead to serious injuries that have long-term consequences. Hence, you may face high medical costs, lost wages, and disability. 

You’re entitled to compensation if you suffered an NJ construction accident injury. You may receive workers’ compensation benefits by filing a claim. In NJ, the benefits cover medical treatment, wage replacement, and permanent disability. Read on to learn more about some of the common construction injuries in New Jersey.

Broken Bones

Broken bones, also known as fractures, are a common NJ construction accident injury. Some accidents that can cause fractures include the following:

  • Falls
  • Getting struck by falling objects
  • Getting caught in or between objects

Broken bones can range in severity and occur in any bone in the body. You could sustain a small crack in the bone or even a complete break.  

Symptoms of a fracture include intense pain and swelling. You may also have difficulty moving the affected limb. 

Back Injuries

Back injuries can range from muscle strains to more serious injuries to the spine. These injuries may happen due to heavy lifting or falls. Symptoms of a back injury may include pain, stiffness, and swelling. For a spinal cord injury, you might experience numbness, tingling, and problems walking. 

Back injuries can impact your ability to work and carry out daily activities. They can also cause chronic pain. In addition, treatment for a back injury can be quite expensive. A lawyer can help you pursue compensation for the damages resulting from your injury. 


Common causes of burns in construction sites include:

  • Flames
  • Hot liquids
  • Hot surfaces
  • Electrical currents

Third-degree burns or burns involving large areas of the body can be pretty severe. Symptoms of a burn injury include pain, redness, swelling, and blisters. Treatment for a burn injury may consist of medication and, in serious cases, surgery. 

Burn injuries can have a significant impact on your physical and emotional well-being. They can cause scarring, disfigurement, and disability. If you suffer a burn injury, you can seek compensation. 

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a type of head injury. It occurs when the head gets subjected to a sudden, violent force, such as a blow or a jolt. TBIs can range from mild concussions to severe TBIs that cause permanent disability or death. 

TBIs can have severe and long-term consequences. Examples are cognitive impairment, motor problems, and communication deficits. If you suffered a TBI in a construction accident, a lawyer can help you understand your legal options. 


A laceration is a deep cut or wound. Some things that cause this type of NJ construction accident injury include:

  • Accidental contact with sharp objects like tools or building materials
  • Slip and fall accidents, leading to contact with sharp edges or corners
  • Getting struck by falling objects
  • Poorly maintained or defective equipment

Treatment for a laceration may include cleaning the wound and using stitches. In serious cases, you may need surgery to repair damaged tissue. An attorney can help you navigate the compensation process after suffering a laceration.

Loss of a Limb

The loss of a limb is a life-altering injury. A common cause of injury is machine accidents. Heavy machinery can cause amputations if someone’s limb gets trapped or crushed.

A lawyer can thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident. They can also identify all parties that may be liable for the injury and help you seek damages. This may include lost income, disability, and the cost of prosthetics and medication.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) occur when you repeatedly do the same task, causing strain on a specific body part. These injuries can affect the wrists, hands, elbows, shoulders, neck, and back.

RSIs can impact your ability to work and perform daily activities. If you have an RSI due to your work in construction, speak with a lawyer. They can help you claim workers’ compensation benefits for your injury.

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can range from mild irritations to serious harm, like damage to the retina. Causes of the injury include flying debris, chemical splashes, and welding flash.

Construction workers are also at risk of developing vision problems. This is due to the nature of their work. For example, working in poorly lit areas can lead to vision problems over time. A lawyer can help you recover damages for this type of injury.

Recover Compensation for Your Construction Accident Injury

A construction accident injury can cause physical pain, financial strain, and emotional trauma. You can obtain compensation if you are the victim of an NJ construction accident injury. A lawyer can help you navigate the process of claiming workers’ compensation benefits.

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A construction site is often chaotic; any one or more entities may be legally liable when a construction worker is injured or killed. If you’ve been injured, you should contact an attorney who can help you understand your options.

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