If you’re looking into visiting the beautiful and historic city of Vineland, New Jersey, in the future, or you’re a local who is simply looking for things to do in the town, then you’re in the right place. As someone who grew up in the city, there’s no better person to ask about this topic.

There are a lot of things that you can do in Vineland. It has just the right balance between nature, arts, and entertainment, making it perfect for a diverse group of people. However, to prevent you from being overwhelmed, I stuck to including the top 3 spots that you can visit if your Vineland tour is just starting. Here is the list:


Artists, both current and aspiring, will find Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center their personal haven. This museum is located at 1000 Village Dr, Millville, in New Jersey. Going here will let you see and experience the evolution of artistry right in front of your eyes.

Apart from the see-part of the visit, you can also expect to learn things like how to create your own art, the history of the field and how it changed throughout the years, and other relevant information that will help you understand artistry. You can also join an art-based program to personally create your artwork if you have time. This includes fellowships and workshops, all available, no matter where you’re from.


Another thing that you can do is to go to Parvin State Park at 701 Almond Road, Pittsgrove in New Jersey. This nature visit will give you a refreshing boost to your physical and mental conditions. This park has an overwhelming history and culture, which will surely be good news to environmentalists.

If you’re traveling with friends and family who want to have a breath of fresh air, then it’s evident that Parvin State Park is the top contender for your itinerary. You can even bring your dogs (as long as they’re on a leash). You can also go camping, swimming, and picnicking in the area.


A Vineland trip won’t be complete without the classic wine tasting at Bellview Winery. You can visit the place by going to 150 Atlantic Street, Landisville in New Jersey. The place is known for having exquisite wine flavors and spices, all of which are popular among enthusiasts.

All in all, if you like wine and simply experiencing something new, then going to Bellview will surely be worth your time. You will also like the calming atmosphere in the winery. It’s good if you want to end your day by enjoying a relaxing time.


If you can’t choose one from the places we talked about, then there’s nothing that’s stopping you from going to all three places. Start with Wheaton Arts, and then take a straight 14-minute route up Parvin State Park. Afterward, you can head up to Newfield. Going straight east for more or less than 20 minutes will lead you to Bellview Winery.

No matter what, you can have high expectations for your Vineland trip to New Jersey. The said places aren’t the only ones you should look forward to, but also the people you will get to meet. Being a local myself, I can guarantee a welcoming environment around the city.

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