Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is a suburb east of Downtown Philadelphia. Like many suburbs outside of a major city, Cherry Hill is overshadowed by the big bright lights of Philadelphia. However, The historic town of Cherry Hill boasts a surprising amount of attractions that can keep any active family busy. Let us take a quick 15 minute ride from Philadelphia and see what Cherry Hill has to offer.


On the outskirts of Cherry Hill sits an adventurous indoor and outdoor water park called Sahara Sam's. This waterpark is in high demand as many attempt to escape the blazing summer sun. The attractions are truly endless and accommodating for the entire family.


Are you looking for an adventure in a climate controlled indoor setting? Why not try some of these interesting and exciting indoor attractions.

  • Tut's Twisters - Hop on this 5 story dual head-first mat slide and enjoy a twisting race to the bottom.
  • Congo Bongo - Who wouldn't want a relaxing ride down a lazy river? Kick your feet up in your very own inflatable raft and take in the sights as you gently float down the winding river.
  • Flow Rider - For those more daring individuals, take a chance on riding the only indoor body surf simulator in New Jersey. See how long you can stay upright, while riding the everlasting wave.


For those outdoor enthusiast, here are several attractions to visit.

  • Rip N Roll - This outdoor wave pool simulates a true day at the beach. Let the rolling waves crash against your body as you attempt to stay on your feet in one of Sahara Sam's newest attractions.
  • Splish Splash - This outdoor lagoon is perfect for kids and toddlers to jump and play, while keeping cool in the gentle splashing water features.
  • Blue Lagoon - Enjoy a dip in a traditional open swim and lap lane pool.


If educational attractions are more your speed, look no further than the Garden State Discovery Museum. This is designated as South Jersey's largest children's museum. The family can enjoy a variety of educational and interactive exhibits.

Take a trip back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth and learn interesting facts about these prehistoric creatures, while exploring various interactive dinosaur themed exhibits.

One of the most important aspects of this museum is the opportunity for children to build social skills, self confidence and teamwork. These skills become evident as they interact with their peers, while participating in several activities such as, remodeling a two story house in the 'Under Construction' exhibit or taking care of pets in the Vet and Pet center.


This unique attraction is the only construction theme and water park in the United States. Families have the option to choose from Diggerland Adventure Park or the Water Main Park. Both parks offer exciting attractions to suit all members of the family. Highlight attractions from both parks are listed below.


  • Spin Dizzy - As the name implies, strap in to this construction equipment specifically designed to lift and spin its passengers into a dizzying frenzy.
  • Greased Beast - If you want to know how it feels for cargo to be discarded from a dump truck, then this attraction is for you. After being strapped into custom built seats in the rear hopper of a steel demolition trailer, passengers are raised 34 feet in the air before a simulated dump of the passenger cargo commences.
  • Soaring Eagle Zipline - Have fun flying from a height of 130 feet and down a 700 foot zipline. This attraction allows for a panoramic view of the park as you speed along the zipline in side by side seats.


  • The Pipeline - Zoom down a 3 story pipeline shaped slide and splash into gallons of refreshing pool water at the end of your journey.
  • Aqua Shot - Playing basketball on a playground is one thing, but taking part in this same activity in a pool of water is totally different. Challenge your friends to a game of Aqua Shot and see how difficult it is to pass or sink a shot while wading in a 4 foot deep pool of water.
  • Rip Rap Run - Enjoy this challenging and exciting water course as you navigate through various floating obstacles and do your best to avoid taking a spill into the water.

These are only a handful of attractions that can be found in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. To get the full experience of what this town has to offer, it would be wise to take a trip and see what else this often overlooked suburb has on the entertainment menu.

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