Newark is the biggest city in New Jersey, nicknamed "The Gateway City" due to its location in the Gateway Region. Its rich history, beautiful New England scenery, and career opportunities make it a wonderful place to visit or even live. I for one grew up in this charming city, so I would like to share some of the things that define my hometown. If you're planning on visiting Newark, here are 3 amazing tourist spots to check out.

Staten Island Ferry

This just may be your first experience while on your way to Newark! If you live near New York City or you are visiting in the area, you can take a ferry to Staten Island and make your way straight to Newark. The ferry travels through New York Harbor between Manhattan and Staten Island. It began in 1817 and carries thousands of passengers across the harbor per day. This is the most memorable way to begin your journey to Newark if you are traveling south to reach it.

Better yet, the 25-minute ferry ride is completely free. It's no wonder locals and tourists alike take this route to get to New Jersey! The ferry is one of the many experiences that make my hometown so special, and an experience that travelers will never forget as they gaze upon the cityscapes.

The Newark Museum of Art

The Newark Museum of Art is the largest museum in New Jersey! Its art encompasses the diverse regions of the world and even other time periods. It's an awesome place to check out while you're in Newark, especially if you are an artist or have a deep appreciation for the arts. It was founded in 1909 and is still very popular with Newarkers to this day.

Admissions into the museum are relatively cheap. An adult ticket costs $10 and tickets for seniors, students, and children are $8. Members, guests of members, and children under 2 get in free! You can add this attraction to your list as another low-budget activity. Newark has a bustling art scene and the Museum of Art shows that off rather well.

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

In West Orange, NJ, an incredible piece of history is preserved. Here, you can find Thomas Edison's laboratory and old home. This is perhaps the coolest thing about living in Essex County! Both of them were designed by Henry Hudson Holly in 1887 and the laboratory was active for 40 years. Although Edison passed away in 1931, his property wasn't added to the National Register until 1966. Now, America's greatest inventor lives on forever in this beautiful state.

Besides being the perfect destination to learn about the history of New Jersey and America in general, it also serves as inspiration for America's next leaders. Bring your kids along for a day that they will never forget. One of the true American experiences is learning about the brilliant minds who made our country what it is today. To grow up where Thomas Edison worked is a great honor!

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