Brandon J. Broderick has made it its mission to support the people of New Jersey through tough times. This includes Clifton and the surrounding area. We know that dealing with personal injury is not easy. That’s why we want to help take some of the load. Dealing with the legal system is not easy. It is often complicated and stressful. However, the attorneys at Brandon J. Broderick are the best in their field. They specialize in all types of personal injury law including Slip and fall, dog bites, as well as car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. Our knowledge and expertise mean that we can guarantee that you won’t have to pay if we don’t win your case. At Brandon J. Broderick we put compassion at the heart of our firm so that you can rest easy.

Learn more about Clifton

About Clifton, New Jersey

  • Elevation: 131’
  • Area: 11.43 mi2
  • Population: 85,204

Top sights of Clifton

  • Presby Iris Gardens
  • Brighton Asylum
  • Lambert Castle

Is Clifton NJ a safe place to live?

With a crime rate higher then 73% of NJ cities Clifton is not the safest place to live.

What is Clifton NJ famous for?

Clifton is known for its manufacturing industry. It produces steel chemicals and textiles to name a few.

Is Clifton New Jersey nice?

Clifton is known as a friendly area. It has plenty of food options and things to do.  

Is Clifton NJ a diverse place?

Clifton has been ranked as one of the more diverse places in the US. It has a very high language diversity.